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Premature Ejaculation Prevention – Natural Herbal Remedies


Premature ejaculation is a condition that causes men to ejaculate sooner than he means to. There is a 50/50 for this occurrence at a given time. Other researchers say that this may occur in less than two minutes of intercourse. It would not be a big deal if it did not happen often but if it occurs on a regular basis then it is considered to be a problem. Rest assured if you experience similar problems, you are not alone. This condition is in fact a common sexual dysfunction to men from adolescence to adulthood. Despite the frequency of the problem, it remains one of the hardest topics to share with anyone because of social stigma which may lower your self- esteem.

If you have this problem, chances are that women would not want to hit the sack with you because they believe that you cannot satisfy them. Do not lose hope however, because there are numerous techniques and ways to fix premature ejaculation. Most techniques work when combined together.

Finding out what there is to know about the prevention is your first step in discovering how to prevent it. The first word of advice would be to not consult a sex therapist about your issues. For an at-home remedy, you may want to try an herb.

The most commonly prescribed drugs for this condition are antidepressants. Yes, this cures the condition but its most common side effect is decreased libido. Unless you want to decrease your sexual drive at the same time, this method of treatment is not recommended.

Use the herbs to avoid unwanted side effects from these drugs. It is important to know what types of chemicals are included in the capsule so that you know what is going into your body. They should be all-natural. The herb you will want should contain 5-HTP, the protein that makes serotonin. Serotonin plays a big role in a man’s will to ejaculate. According to researches, premature ejaculation is associated with low levels of serotonin. So antidepressants are prescribed for these men, to increase their serotonin levels. The explanation resides that depressed individuals have low serotonin levels. Hence, antidepressants are prescribed. But if you are not suffering from depression then herbs constituted in capsules would be good for you.

Along with the use of herbs, you will want to use some prevention techniques like thinking of something else when you are about to come is called the self- hypnosis method. The stop-start method where you stop when you feel like ejaculating and start again when the feeling disappears. Lastly, ejaculate before engaging to sexual activity. These are just some methods you can incorporate to have a successful ejaculation with the herb you will use.

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