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Penis Fungal Infection


A penis fungal infection can affect a man at any point in his life. He doesn’t have to be sexually active to contract candida albicans, however if a man is sexually active with a partner who has an active vaginal yeast infection outbreak, he is certainly at risk for getting yeast in his penis (and surrounding genitals). Since these types of infections are generally known to occur in women, it is difficult for a man to deal with the reality that he can also be affected by this fungus. In addition, it can be quite embarrassing to discuss or share with another person, or even their physician. This article will discuss some symptoms, causes and effective home remedies for a penile fungal infection.

Penis fungal infection symptoms

A man with excessive yeast in his penis usually experiences a bumpy, itchy rash along the penis shaft, with the tip (or head) of the penis experiencing the most discomfort. In some cases, the rash can turn into sores and lesions – in severe cases bleeding can occur. Also – some men experience a white creamy discharge coming from the penis that is of a cottage-cheese consistency in nature. Untreated penile yeast can also travel beyond the penis into the scrotom and around the male genitals. Some men with a the yeast fungus also experience pain during intercourse or swelling at the head of the penis. Note that some sexually transmitted diseases could also present themselves with symptoms that appear to be that of a yeast infection, so care must be taken to determine the proper diagnosis.

Penis fungal infection causes

As discussed earlier, men who are sexually active with a partner who has a current vaginal yeast infection are at risk for catching it. Although this is the most common cause for sexually active men, other causes could be not giving enough ventilation (or air) to the male genitalia. Yeast thrives and multiplies in areas in the body that are dark, unventilated and prone to excessive moisture – making the male genitals (particularly the penis) prime candidates for the infection. Other reasons for excessive yeast in the body is the consumption of excessive sugar in the diet – this includes foods high in refined sugars as well as carbohydrates (which convert to sugar when digested in the body). Beer also contains yeast.

Penis fungal infection remedies

Many men who suffer from yeast infection of the penis can have some success with topical creams that can be purchased at the drugstore or stronger ones that are prescribed by their physician. Others opt for home remedies for yeast infection – including tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar solutions which are good options if one is suffering from recurrent yeast infections where traditional treatments don’t seem to work. Another option is to apply yogurt to the affected area(s). Yogurt will offer some soothing relief for the pain and itching, however make sure that the yogurt is 100% natural and sugar free. While applying yogurt containing sugar might appear to work initially, remember that excessive sugar in the body can contribute to the spread of yeast. Sexually active men should abstain from sex until an active yeast infection is under control. Wearing a condom might only server to irritate the lesions and sores.

Keep in mind that to do nothing is not a remedy. Once a yeast infection takes hold in your body, action needs to be taken to remediate the problem. Doing nothing will also give the yeast an opportunity to further multiply, spread and cause more pain and discomfort. Hoping that the infection will go away is not an effective solution.


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