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Diabetes, Argentina – New Law Was Unanimously Approved

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The House of Representatives gave its approval to the draft amendment of 23,753, which addresses the disease more comprehensively and an educational social coverage, employment and the  medical and pharmacological needs of patients.

Who had taken the lead from a long complaint of patients and affected by diabetes, was the UCR Senator Ernesto Sanz.
The result was an amendment to the draft law 23,753, unified with another lawmaker Sandra Gimenez, the Front for Victory.
That project was approved on the eve of World Diabetes Day, the Senate and the House of Representatives into law ended at dawn Thursday in the marathon session that started Wednesday afternoon.
Among his most notable items, provides coverage of drugs and diagnostic reagents for self-control is 100%, and in amounts necessary as prescribed, the Ministry of Health determines standards for the provision of drugs and supplies (hypoglycemic, pens for insulin infusion pumps, digitopunzores, etc.) and they (something very important) are updated every two years to incorporate advances in the field.

The modernization of the law points to a more holistic approach to the disease. Beyond health medical issue, which arises is a social, labor and educational coverage of patients with diabetes.
The project also provides that the State must provide statistical control and scientific and technical health authorities across the country, to coordinate collaborative action planning.
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