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Natural Ways to Quit Smoking – 4 Different Ways to Quit


There are many natural ways to quit smoking and there is simply no need to use drugs, pills or patches. Discover these natural methods in this article.

Willpower Alone

The reason that I mention this is because it is cheap and free. But it is also highly unreliable. I strongly advise you to use some form of assistance to quit what is frankly, a difficult addiction. This way, you will have a higher chance of success.


Although this method is expensive, relatively speaking, it is also said to be highly successful.

Before you object that this is not a natural method, consider that hypnosis is simply a method of suggestion. Each and every day suggestions are made to us in television marketing and even conversations with friends.

Hypnosis is merely a focussed form of suggestion that is highly effective.

Herbal Methods

The first of these is to try herbal cigarettes. Whilst they might not contain nicotine, they often have high levels of tar and other irritants. I don’t advise you to follow this particular route.

The other herbal method is to try various tinctures or homeopathic remedies. If you want to go this route then I advise you find a good herbal store or a qualified homeopath. Chinese medicine is also said to be good.

Stop Smoking Laser

I’m including this because, although the laser is a modern invention of man, the process is completely non-invasive and does not involve taking any drugs.

During a session, a technician will pass a “cold” laser over various parts of the body, normally including the ears.

It takes around 20 minutes total and the effects are supposed to be very similar to having had hypnosis – your cravings are diminished and your willpower is increased.

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