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Natural Stress Relief


Stress is an accumulation of harried activities. Multi tasking is a necessary means of survival and also stay-at-home moms and dads feel the need to break free. If you get this runaway feeling and extremely burnt out kind of sensation in your chores, you are at the risk of extreme stress. Stress manifests itself as a skin irritation, hair loss and the inability to recollect simple things. The other dangerous forms include palpitation, heart disease, high triglycerides and also abnormal blood pressure.

The best way to refresh one is to backpack and go on a holiday. If commitments do not allow such luxuries then start by organizing your weekends. Finish your laundry on Friday nights and freeze some food for the weekend. The lavish breakfast can be replaced with a healthy cereal or muesli so that you have more time in your hands. Make it a fun time with family by manicuring the lawn or doing up your garden. Nurturing plants is about life and the joy at seeing a flower bloom is beautiful.

The easiest way to de-stress is to get a massage or plan a treatment in the spa. The procrastinated facial and manicure does much to your morale. Go shopping alone or with a friend. Take a lonely walk instead of the boring bus ride to break the monotony of routine transport. A drive in the rains with your spouse is magically refreshing. Foot massage is extremely stressed relieving and learn a few tips on acupressure. Know the right way to breathe. Exhale negativity and inhale life.

Make life a little liveable by postponing cleaning the attic and switching off the television. In the normal work hours make at least fifteen minutes as personal time. Close your eyes and make this a time for reflection. Meditation may seem difficult but what essentially is required is quietening the mind. Life is full of surprises and being over ambitious in the daily agenda may lead to dissatisfaction. Go for a makeover with a new hair cut and cut your hair in bob style or use spikes. Confidence in personality is another way to combat boredom and stress.

Call up an old friend and connect with your ex-colleagues this weekend. Arrange a babysitter for your toddler or ask your partner to make the weekly visit to the supermarket. Replace routines and take time to smell the flowers. Just stop and enjoy life. Day dream, pen a poem, write a letter to your parents or watch the rain from your window sill. Simple and natural stress relief methods are more effective.

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