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Natural Stress Relief Techniques


Natural stress relief is such an appealing sounding phrase that it’s not at all surprising to find that so many people are looking for it.

Today’s world is full of stress, mostly man-made it must be said, due to the need to run ever faster on the treadmill just to keep up, to fund the lifestyle we are led to believe we ‘need.’ Stress relief can come in the form of pills from the doctor, but there are other more natural options that you can look at first…

Firstly, drink more water. That may not sound obviously related to stress, but a lack of proper hydration is massive in society nowadays, and when your body is low on water, every body function starts to suffer for it. This means an increased feeling of lethargy, which in turn leads to an increased feeling of stress.

A second tip is to turn off the world for a while. By that I don’t mean ‘turn off’ in 1960s hippy take drugs way! I mean don’t let the media bombard you overly with negative messages which linger in your brain. Turn your focus away from the media, and turn it instead to nature – take time to enjoy a walk in the fields or woods, or by the sea. If none of those are local, go to the local park, and sit in the air for a while. This works wonders to calm you down.

Speaking of calming you down, how about a massage?

In the same way that lack of hydration has knock on effects to your stress levels, so do knotted and tense muscles. Any aches and pains add to the brain feeling overloaded, as it it receiving messages that something needs attention which is not getting it. If you don’t have a partner or spouse that can massage you, it’s worth investing in a professional. These people really know what they are doing, and you will be amazed by the lighter feeling you get after a proper massage.

A long hot bath is another simple trick to reduce stress. It’s something that has been lost in the rush of the world, and people don’t take the time to have long soaks in the bath, but as with a massage, the soothing effects of a long bath with have lasting impact on your stress levels.

With stress seemingly unavoidable in today’s world, remember that there are plenty of ways to get natural stress relief with remarkable impact.

Source by James A. Penn

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