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Natural Remedies to Shrink Hemorrhoids


If there is anything in the world that causes discomfort to a level that folks will try most anything to get rid of, it is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids stem from having strains from constipation. The blood vessels in the rectal area become swollen, inflamed, and eventually quite painful. It is an embarrassing situation for some, as they live with it daily and it is no fun. There are strong medicines, and surgical options to deal with hemorrhoids, but there are equally good non-surgical, holistic ways to shrink hemorrhoids that are inexpensive and effective. For the most part, these herbal and holistic suggestions just take a little patience and consistency to get the desired results.

Garlic has been proven to improve hemorrhoids. Ingesting some on a daily basis will avert one of the causes of hemorrhoids which has been an overgrowth of candida in the digestive tract. Eating garlic regularly will decrease the amount of flora in the area and keep them at bay.

Aloe Vera is also another holistic way to shrink hemorrhoids. Applying the gel directly to the area with sterile cotton balls or gauze should provide immediate comfort. It is a regimen that has to be done consistently to insure good results.

Apple cider vinegar applied directly to hemorrhoids is another proven holistic way to shrink hemorrhoids. Its acidity is cooling to the area, and it can be applied daily without any side effects. It might be good to dilute it with a little water before applying to minimize stinging.

The classic way to shrink hemorrhoids naturally is the sitz bath. An apparatus for this can be purchased from the neighborhood drugstore, or a large dishpan can serve the same purpose. Adding a half cup of sea salt to some very warm but tolerable water and simply sitting for fifteen to twenty minutes can make all the difference.

Some dietary changes can also provide relief for hemorrhoids. Low fiber and low probiotic diets can be a breeding ground for hemorrhoids. Diets that are high in vegetables and fruits as well as yoghurt consumption can stave off and even prevent hemorrhoid formation.

Vick’s Vapor Rub has been successful for some sufferers, but some users have complained that upon applying it to the areas, they have experienced stinging. Use with some caution, but it has been known to work for many people.

Bag Balm, a commercial preparation that has been reputed as an excellent moisturized for abraded and chaffed skin, can be applied to external hemorrhoids with very successful results.

Dried mullein flowers steeped as a tea and applied to external hemorrhoids has worked successfully for some. Mullein has a reputation in herbal medicine for alleviating swelling and bruising and can be applied as a compress or mixed with aloe vera and applied in that manner.

A preparation of epsom salts, some lavender flowers, and some eucalyptus oil in a soaking bath can do wonders as well.

Finally, using unscented alcohol-free baby wipes can provide soothing relief.

There many holistic ways to shrink hemorrhoids.

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