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Low Libido – How to Increase Libido, a Guide For the Over 50’s Man


For a man, sex over 50 means having a healthy and strong libido. However, many men find that as they approach their 50th year, and pass it, the libido decreases – but it does not have to be like this.

What really is male libido, and why would it decrease?

Simply said, libido is a man’s desire to have sex. The desire (or mental) feeling has a way to express itself in the material part of our life as an erection. It can decrease in a man as he ages due to a few causes; such as:

o A health problem

o The general decline in a man’s physical fitness

o An uninspiring partner and boredom with sex

o Stress and other emotional disturbances

o Diminished testosterone production & nitric oxide production linked to any of the


o Loss of interest in life

Is a Reduced or Non-Apparent Libido Reversible?

By all means. A man is meant to be potent all his life, and even well into old age. There is no reason why not, as long as he is healthy, fit, and has a good mental outlook.

First of all, any man over 50, and finding himself with a lack of libido (or a corresponding condition known as ED, or erectile dysfunction), should see his doctor and verify he has no significant illness or chronic condition.

Once that is done, and you find yourself without any malady, you must address the other factors to re-awaken, and enhance your libido.

Join a gym!

No matter your age, joining a gym is a good idea. Any exercise is good, 3 times a week for 30 – 60 minutes is all you need and this is a proven method to increase testosterone and de stress yourself.

Get Your Diet on Track

You are what you eat so eat a healthy diet high in raw lean foods for energy and

goodness. If you smoke or drink cut down or give up entirely.

Get Supplements!

There are some very good male supplements of herbs and vitamins that not only assist in a stronger libido, but a firmer erection and quicker recovery time (once you have had sex, the time required to produce another sustainable erection). They boost testosterone and make available nitric oxide which is crucial to the erection process.

The Chinese have been treating erectile dysfunction naturally for thousands of years and you will find herbs present in Chinese medicine an excellent way to boost your libido – there discussed more fully in our other articles but a good cocktail of these will help you re ignite your sex drive quite quickly.

Banish Stress.

Face it, you are over 50 and still are being stressed and pressured in life? Find a way to manage it, and then banish it from your life. Even small amounts of unmanaged stress manifest themselves in your thoughts, and thus work their way into your actions.

NOTHING is worse for a man’s libido then unmanaged stress. How?

Eliminate the stressors. Remember, it’s not just your libido you are assisting, but you life in general. Those guys that have a lot of unmanaged stress over 50 years of age, find themselves with a reduced life expectancy.

Zest for Life.

A final factor in libido.

A man must retain his zest for life.

He must awaken each say feeling that life is wonderful, and offers so much to be thankful for. Never lose this zest for life, and this good mental attitude also expresses itself in the form of good health, optimistic outlook, and increased libido.

Source by Monica Hendrix

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