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Lack of Sleep Solutions – Secret Insomnia Natural Remedies Revealed!


Listen, there is absolutely no reason to be walking around with sleep deprivation problems, especially when there are so very many lack of sleep solutions available. In fact, the only reason anyone is sleep deprived is merely because they are LAZY! By using some of these simple insomnia natural remedies, not only will you fall asleep faster, but you’ll sleep far more comfortably too.

Great Lack of Sleep Solutions…

Herbal Tea: Visit any local health food store (and even some grocery stores) and you should be able to find great herbal insomnia teas. Prepare a cup and then drink it slowly as you slip into bed. If it’s at all effective, you should feel a sleep inducing affect within minutes.

Massage: A quick massage will help to relax you and provide stress relief. Full-body is best, but even a short shoulder rub is good enough. This is one of those insomnia natural remedies that needs a partner, or at least some sort of massage chair.

Herbal Bath: Start up a warm bath and then add in some insomnia herbal oils. Such oils should aid in relaxing you and even induce a bit of sleepiness. If you aren’t really a bath person, then this will probably be one of those lack of sleep solutions you can skip. However, let it be the only one you skip!

Scented Pillow: If you’d rather not buy a new pillow, you can just make your own and save some money. Simply take a herbal insomnia oil, put a few drops onto a handkerchief, then slide it into the pillow or tape it to the bottom.

Change of Habits: Turn down the temperature to around 67 degrees Fahrenheit, make sure all the lights are off, and always go to bed around the same time each night. In addition, try avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and junk food a few hours before going to bed. These tips aren’t all that powerful alone, but when combined, they make for one heck of a great insomnia natural remedy.

Super Important!

You should know that these lack of sleep solutions are primarily for relaxation and stress relief. Although they are good to use, they really only take care of one part of problem, the body. The other part of the problem has to do with a completely different area, the brain.

If the brain isn’t calm when trying to go to sleep, well, then you just won’t be falling asleep very quickly. The insomnia natural remedies listed above can’t help with this aspect. That said, you’re going to need something more powerful — something that will actually help the brain to operate at a slower pace and prepare for a deep rest.

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