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In-Depth Half Bath Decorating Ideas


Additions of a half bath increases the resale value of your house to a great extent. Not only that you offer your guests separate bath room at the same time. Privacy is kept intact. You do not want guest to walk through your bedroom. Then it is possibly the best solution for you. Once you install half bath in your home it indicates your personal choice. So you must decorate it uniquely packed with latest styles. It is advisable for you to have it in your main gathering room.

You have to design it in very small space. A small one can be of 4 feet by 4 feet or 16 square feet which is considerably less amount of space occupied by it. Basically you install shower, toilet, sink and bathtub in your bath room. But in case of half bath you only manage to set up toilet and sink.

Now let’s talk at half bath decorating ideas-

1. First of all we have to consider the color scheme used in the rooms surrounding half bathroom. This is really important. You may try different color combinations but make sure that they are matching the basic idea of your half bath.

2. Now you decide how formal you want your bathroom to look like. Look can vary depending on the materials used in it. You may try different types of ornate faucets, brocade window treatments, wallpapers or paintings. It is also not a bad idea to try chandelier ceiling fixtures. But always keep one thing in mind that your decoration reflects your character. So it must be simple, yet attractive.

3. Install pedestal sink instead of ordinary sink. The advantage is that you can accommodate it in small area. An outdated sink can surely pull down your image in front your guest with in a minute of time. So when you are willing to adopt latest home decoration ideas why not to have latest equipments in it.

4. Lighting in very crucial. You may use skylight. It looks great when it is used with white or silver color scheme. You may also use whatever type of light best suitable for the half bathroom.

5. Make sure that the ceilings are tall enough. It is really embarrassing for someone tall enough to get into a low roof bathroom. This certainly depicts that you do not take care your gusts. So avoid these types of unforced mistakes.

6. Last but not the least use wicker baskets to hold towels. This is very common and you must have it in your bath room.

So be careful about the design and equipments used in your half bath. Surprise your guests with some innovative half bath decorating ideas.

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