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I’m Over 60 – Is Deep Tissue Massage Safe?


Jack Meagher said “Massage is the study of anatomy in Braille”, and he was right, but it is more than that. Massage offers a deep relaxation, as well as proven health benefits. Of all the forms, though, deep tissue massage is the one that is the most controversial for some people, especially those around retirement age.

Deep tissue massage is a form of massage therapy that focuses on a deeper layer of tissue than regular massage. Used for chronic pain and strain, deep tissue massage can even be used to break up and disperse scar tissue. It is designed to hit spots within the muscles that are typically untouchable with other forms of massage. It is slow, with deep penetration and more friction than is typically used, and is generally more site specific than a traditional massage.

Deep tissue massage is a practice that has some inherent risks. However, if performed correctly, by a licensed practitioner, it is safe and beneficial, especially for elderly patients. Because it focuses on the correction of chronic muscle issues as well as the relief of pain, it is helpful for arthritis. In fact, massage can help when pharmaceuticals cannot. Aside from arthritis, deep tissue massage helps in the relief of chronic, or long-lasting, pain. Chronic muscle pain is common in the elderly population due to a number of factors. It is difficult to treat due to the combination of drugs that a lot of our older citizens are already on and possible interactions between them and pain killers, which are often deemed medically unnecessary.

The risks associated with this kind of massage are, mostly, fairly mild. It can be uncomfortable to the point of pain, and is often accompanied by residual soreness even after the massage is over. This, however, typically resolves itself within 24-48 hours. The most common risk is the risk of bruising. Since skin loses its elasticity and thickness as we get older, elderly people bruise more easily, which can then turn into larger health problems if not monitored and taken care of. The side effect that has the possibility to be the most dangerous is the low blood sugar levels. This is especially dangerous for those with diabetes.

If deep tissue massage carries too many risks for you, there are other options, one of which is the Swedish massage. It is a full-body massage that uses long, easy strokes. It is excellent for relaxation, as well as mental clarity, circulation and healing. It has almost the same benefits as a deep tissue massage without the risks associated with the increased pressure.

A massage is good for the mind and body, no matter what age you happen to be. There are a lot of different forms of massage, all of which have inherent benefits. For the correction of chronic pain and underlying musculature issues, though, deep tissue massage is the best thing in natural healing.

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