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Illustrated Love Making Positions – Pictures Are Helpful


Illustrated love making positions can contribute a lot in the overall experience. As you know different love making positions give stress on different areas and therefore the experience you get varies according the positions. But the most important point is to experience the whole procedure with satisfying penetration and good after and before love making effects. But love making positions can contribute a lot in the penetration part and not in the whole process of love making.

Some of the love making or penetration positions are given below with other details. Please note that after you explore these explanations go for illustrations, since they will help you better understand how to practice them perfectly.

  • The wheelbarrow is the position where the man stands and the woman’s leg stays on the man’s shoulder level and the rest of the woman’s body should be in a lying position on something which matches the height of the male partner. This position hits the right spots of the woman and people who are athletic and with healthy heart can try this posture.
  • Side by side position is good for those partners who like kissing, touching and cuddling while intercourse. In this position both the partners stay by each other’s side and can stay in the closest contact of each other.
  • There are few positions which can be used for the deep penetration which couples want occasionally except few. Deep penetration gives both the partners new sensation and urge to feel penetrated more than before. In the deep penetration posture the lower body of both the partners stays closest. One such position is where the lady lies down with her legs almost touching her head or in a 90 degree angle and the male partner penetrates to give and achieve the deep penetration.
  • Missionary positions are the common positions which the couples use in the regular sex life. Generally both the partners lie down and face each other in this kind of position but there can be changes like woman’s legs parted and one leg facing upwards.
  • Woman on top positions are good if the woman is strong enough to continue the penetration for sometime. However, this posture gives the female partner control over the speed and depth of the penetration and she can adjust according to the satisfaction level. In this position woman lie on the male partner and do the penetration movements.
  • Cat and doggy style are different styles where the partners move to the positions like a cat or a dog standing with their four legs touching the ground. Here the partner penetrates from behind the female partner and closeness of the lower body is very near in this position.

However, there are many love making positions, you need to choose from them according to you and your partner’s suitability and satisfaction and go on for illustrated ones since pictures will help you mastering the art of love making.

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