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Ideas For Recycling Bath Towels


Everyone has them – bath towels that have ceased to be useful in the bathroom, but yet are not quite ready for the garbage can. So, what can you do with your old bath towels? There are many options.

The best option is to donate towels that are still in good condition. Sometimes you just want a different look in your bathroom. Maybe you painted the bathroom a different color or are just tired of looking at the same bath towels you’ve had for years. This may especially occur in your guest room where the towels don’t get much use, so they seem to last forever.

Bath towels, hand towels, and wash clothes that are still in good condition can be donated to the local thrift store, homeless shelter, women’s shelter, or even a church that has a pantry. Just give them a call to make sure they accept such items.

What if your towels are in okay condition, not worthy of donating for humans, but you still want to donate them to a worthy cause? Call the local animal shelter or check with your vet’s office to see if they will accept them. Usually animal shelters and veterinary offices can use the towels for cleaning up messes around the office, drying off wet animals, lining pet cages, and providing warm bedding for animals kept there.

Of course, you can use unwanted bath towels for your own animal’s bedding and washing if you have pets. You can also use old, ratty bath and hand towels to make dog toys. Simply cut the towels into different shapes, sew two of the shapes together, stuff that and have a throw toy for your dog. If you don’t like to sew, simply cut a towel into strips and tie the strips together for a pull or chew toy. Animals have a very keen sense of smell and will love that these toys smell like you and your family.

There are also plenty of other household uses for old bath towels. One of the more obvious uses is as rags. Hand towels can be cut to be used around the house or to clean the car. The best part is that if they get too dirty and grimy, you can just throw them away without any guilt.

If you have a baby, don’t spend money on expensive burp rags when you can use old hand towels that are still in good condition. Larger bath towels can be made into hooded bath towels for babies. If you don’t have a changing pad in your diaper bag, throw in an old bath towel. You can even cut out hand towels to make baby bibs with just a little bit of sewing.

If you are crafty enough, you can use old towels to make coasters, place mats, and pot holders. Just make sure you use thicker towels when making pot holders. You can also look online to find patterns to make braided bath mats from old bath towels. Hand towels can be used to make great aprons that are easily washable.

Just remember that even if you are tired of your old towels, they can still serve many useful purposes.

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