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How You Can Fight Male Yeast Infections Symptoms


Male yeast infections are common unlike what people may think. Men do not often know they have the infection until it is late and major symptoms start sprouting. Men also do not share their problems often and this is also another reason that people might think that yeast infection is uncommon in men. There are several ways men can get the infection. Firstly, the fungus called yeast is present in the mouth, gut and skin of men and when there are favorable conditions, they will multiply and wreck havoc. Scientifically, the yeast is known as Candida albicans and it causes so much itching to the victims it attacks. Sexual intercourse is one way that male yeast infections can be transmitted. If their sexual partner has the yeast in plenty, then men are bound to retain it on the penile shaft where the yeast can travel through the male organ.

The use of antibiotics is another common cause of male yeast infections. Antibiotics are normally taken to get rid of bad bacteria in our bodies but, the good bacteria is also considered bad by the drugs and they are all destroyed. The good bacteria helps keep the population of yeast in check by killing excesses of it. Therefore when you take the drugs, they will definitely cause a rift in the natural environment of the body. There are antibiotics that do not cause the infections. However, it has been noted that the drugs act differently in different people. Stress is a good cause of male yeast infections. It can cause an imbalance in the hormonal system therefore creating a good environment for yeast infections. Men and all people in general are advised to avoid a stressful lifestyle to keep healthy.

The use of alcohol plays a major role in the development of yeast infections. Alcohol contains yeast and the stomach environment is suitable for it to develop and hence the yeast can easily and rapidly develop. Men are advised to consume alcohol in moderation if at all. Sugary foods provide a sweet atmosphere in our system and yeast can easily grow. When you have a yeast infection, you will find yourself craving sweet stuff which will feed the yeast. Taking in a balanced diet will go a long way in maintaining your health and avoiding the yeast infections. Some of the areas that the yeast can affect in male yeast infections are the gut, skin and penis.

Some of the symptoms include itching, soreness, formation of white patches on their male organs, pain during sexual intercourse, pain while urinating and so much more. The most serious yeast infection in men is when they have a systemic or a serious yeast infection in the gut. The yeast will literally make holes in the intestines while feeding on it and make its way to the blood stream. A man could have sensitivity to certain foods and you should not let the condition get to this level. Before you self medicate make sure that a doctor has examined you and confirmed that you have the yeast infection.

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