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How to Perform Oral Sex on a Man the Right Way


Some may say that there is no right or wrong way of giving a man oral sex, but there definitely is. This is what separates the pros from the amateurs, and you want to be the best. If you want to perform oral sex on a man the right way, and give him plenty of earth shattering orgasms, then you have to learn some of these tips.

The biggest difference between mediocre oral sex and mind blowing oral, is all about the woman and her confidence. Most men would agree, when a woman takes control of a man in the bedroom, knows what she is doing and gets a little crazy with it, nothing is sexier than that. This is hands down the best way to give your man oral. You have to be willing to forget everything else going on around you so you can give him an oral experience he will never ever forget.

Another tip to giving a man oral sex the right way, is to use both hands. Most women will just use one hand to stroke the shaft and then leave their other hand out of the mix. If you want to give him the best oral of his life, then you have to use both hands. Use your other hand to stroke his testicles. As you are using your mouth and your one hand on the shaft, you can use the other hand to gently rub his testicles. This area of his body is often ignored and it is a shame since they are both filled with so many different nerve endings. They are a big area for you to touch if you want to insure that your man is going to have an incredibly intense orgasm. As well, if you feel up to it, use your mouth on his testicles as well. Guaranteed he is going to love this feeling and it will be something that he has probably never had before since not too many women are brave enough to do it.

As well, if you want to perform oral on a man the right way, you have to end it the right way and never spit. If you worry about the ejaculate, then you should think ahead of time of how you are going to deal with it but if you are in the moment and his body is going like crazy and he has to orgasm, then you should never spit it out. This is offensive and this single gesture can ruin the entire experience.

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