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How to Get the Shine Back in Your Cast Iron Baths


Cast iron baths add a wonderful vintage feel to any home; although they can be brought brand new-older ones may need restoration to keep them in top condition. Here in this article we shall discuss how to restore these beautiful bath tubs so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. These types of tubs are made from cast iron with a porcelain layer on top. If this layer is not maintained or repaired then the porcelain will become cracked and stained. If taken care of before it becomes damaged then a tub can last a lifetime.

To begin with you will need to protect the floors and walls of the bathroom with coverings before you start restoring your cast iron bath. Remember to also cover the legs of the bath tub if they are a different material. For example, vintage claw-foot tubs are usually made from metal and need to be protected. Also do not forget to protect yourself with a mask, goggles and protective clothing. Also ensure that the bathroom is well ventilated so that you do need inhale too many commercial-grade cleaners.

Next, when everything is protected you can begin your cast iron bath’s restoration. Use a razor to cut the old caulk from around the edges of the bath tub and the closest surrounding tiles. Then clean the bath tub with a commercial-grade tub cleaner, leave it for five minutes before scrubbing it completely clean.

With a scrub brush you will then need to apply acid etching paste or sealer to the bathtub. This fills cracks, scratches and chips in the tub. Leave that on for a further fifteen minutes before filling the bath with warm water and cleaning it again. Then the tub will be ready for a coat of primer that will need to be applied thoroughly to the entire surface, leave it to dry for a few minutes.

Finally you will need to add a top coat of white paint to your cast iron bath, make sure that paint has fully dried before you add any extra coats of glaze or glass enhancer. Doing this job properly should ensure that you never need to add further protection to your cast iron baths. This can be done professionally if you are not certain about doing the work yourself. Prices for this service will depend on the size of your tub to how much restoration it needs. A good idea is to look around for the different prices available as you may find a significantly cheaper service.

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