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How to Decide on Your Niche As a Party Planner


There is No Business like the Party Business!

Every Party Planner I have ever known, including me, has done Events that we did not want to do because, well, it paid the bills. But once you get over the “I’m going to take this or I will starve” attitude and realize that you have a talent and are a creative force to be reckoned with, you can begin to define yourself in a way that plays to your strengths.

Now that you have begun to see the pieces of who you are fall into place as it pertains to your business as a Party Planner, lets turn our face towards some tips in defining your business. Now, understand that there are always going to be the occasional Party or Event that will be different that the standard you have set for yourself. That is to be expected, just don’t become diluted in your definition of our skills.

Let’s look at the way you will define themselves because that is one of the questions I get most often when I am in a mentoring situation. I often hear, “Yes I love to do all sorts of Party Planning. Why do I have to decide on one type?”

Well, it is not so much that you have to decide on one type, but there is an aspect of Party Planning that you find yourself drawn to, whether you think you are or not. So, let’s look at some factors that might help you decide.

Who do you love associating with? Do you love the family structure and find yourself doing a lot of anniversary parties, kids birthday parties and/or weddings? Then take a close look at that and really devote yourself to that aspect of the business.

Do you like a more “High Energy” atmosphere? Meaning does the hustle and bustle of a corporate environment turn you on. Do you like the association with the movers and shakers of the business community? Then hone your skills as a Corporate Event Planner.

Also, while I am never a fan of a negative aspect of being a Party Planner, let me say this as a way to define yourself. Who do you NOT want to associate with at all. I guess what I am saying is to stay clear of those types that would detract from any positive energy you wish to foster.

If dealing with Brides is something that drives you insane, well, don’t even bother. That is not a negative, just a way to define yourself. If you do find yourself taking on a Party or Event to Manage that does not meet your definition as to who you are, then insulate yourself with a powerful staff that be a great buffer for you.

Just remember through all of it, always play to your strengths and remember what Confucius said when he said, “Those who love what they do, never work a day in their life.”

And with that, we all say a collective, “Amen.”

Remember, Life is a Party, You just have to know how to Plan it!

Source by Dave A. Southern

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