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How Can Sugar Be Good For You?


So how can sugar be good for you? We all know that we are suppose to avoid eating sugary sweets. But there are different kinds of sugar that can benefit us and should be included in our diets.

Basically there are two kinds; refined sugar and natural sugar. Natural sugar is found in fruits, some vegetables, and some other whole foods. This kind of sugar is great for fueling the body. Sugar is known to give us that jittery feeling known as the “sugar high”. It like is when a kid has a bowl of sugary cereal for the first time and ends up going crazy. Sugar makes us want run around. If you work out then you can use it as your advantage to get some energy. However I am not saying to have a bowl of sugar loaded cereal before going for a jog. I am saying that refined sugar should be avoided while the natural kind found mostly in fruits supply our bodies with the best kind of sugar. Refined sugar is more processed and ends up turning into fat.

That also explains why many people eat fruit instead of cake and ice cream when dieting. It is to satisfy the sugary craving. I think everyone has a sugar tooth to some degree. So the point is that you should have the natural kind of sugar before you workout or earlier in the day so you burn it off going through the daily activities. You may have a sugary sweet from time to time but have it early in the day so you are more likely to burn it off.

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