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Homeopathic Treatment For ADHD – Is it a Good Alternative?


About 35% of children in the US alone have been diagnosed to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children with this disorder are impulsive, hyperactive, and inattentive.

The most common treatments for ADHD in children are stimulant drugs which include Ritalin. If stimulants do not work in a patient, antidepressants and antihypertensives are usually used. These medications are sometimes effective in addressing the symptoms of ADHD but there are also instances where they won’t work in a patient. Often, these medications also give rise to a number of side effects, some of which are only mild and some, dangerously adverse. For this, many parents have turned to using alternative treatments.

One of the most common alternative treatments for ADHD is the use of homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic treatment for ADHD is gaining popularity among parents. However, although some studies have shown homeopathic treatment to be effective, there has been lack of evidence as to its beneficial effects to individuals with ADHD. Nonetheless, because of the many positive reviews by parents who have used homeopathic remedies on their ADHD children, homeopathic treatment remains a good alternative to medications.

According to several studies that have been done on homeopathy ADHD, the homeopathic remedies that have shown good results on ADHD patients are the Hyoscyamus niger, Cina, and Stramonium.

Stramonium was found to be beneficial to ADHD children who suffered from fears or post-traumatic stress disorder. Cina was found to have positive improvements on children who have behavioral problems. Meanwhile, Hyoscyamus niger is good for ADHD children who are impulsive, talk excessively, and have occasional outbursts.

There are actually a number of homeopathic remedies that may do well for children with ADHD. However, not all of these homeopathic remedies may show improvements in a patient. Thus, it is essential that before you pick a homeopathic formula for your child you know the ingredients that are contained in the product. It may help if you will make a little investigation about the product and its benefits first before you administer it to your child.

Homeopathic treatment for ADHD which you find beneficial to your child may be used in conjunction with medications. Homeopathic remedies are safe so you do not have to worry of any side effects. However, it is still advisable to ask the doctor’s advice when giving your child homeopathic remedy if he is still into medications. This will lessen any risks to the child’s health.

Other homeopathic remedies that you may want to check are the gallic acidum, kali bromatum, lyssinum, and medorrhinum to name a few. Gallic acidum are usually given to children who have the tendency to hurt other people particularly their love ones. Kali bromatum helps calm restless children with ADHD. Lyssinum are for those ADHD children who are easily enraged and have the tendency to bite, snarl, or act rabid. Medorrhinum can relax those who are irritable.

Homeopathic treatment for ADHD may be a good alternative treatment especially when you know what particular homeopathic product contains the essential ingredients that can really provide improvements to your child. If you are not sure which homeopathic formula is best, talk with your child’s doctor. He may be able to give valuable advice. 

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