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Hinduism, Sex and Women


Hinduism is the only major religion in the world that worships God also as a woman. All other major faiths like the other contemporary religions have God in the form of a man. This itself is a regression and it is only the Hindu religion that has given a place to a woman on a higher plane as a Goddess. Thus the Devi (woman Goddess) plays a pivotal role in Hindu thought. The concepts of Dharma, Knowledge, prosperity, power etc which are the epitome of human values are all represented by Hindu female deities.

Thus it is not surprising that words denoting feminine power like Shakhti, Kali, and Durga have all become a part of modern vocabulary even in the western world and have presaged frequent use. It will be not be out of place to mention that women have the most visible presence in Hindu Dharma compared to Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Feminine spirituality has always been a core part of Hindu faith. Having understood this it is advisable for a western man to understand that a woman in Hinduism is something special. But it cannot be denied that over the centuries the position of woman in Hindu society deteriorated and a lot many unsavory practices crept in. Thus sati, child marriage, and the purdah all contributed to debase Hinduism. Scholars are still studying how these practices crept into Hindu society- practices that are the very anti thesis of Hinduism in reality.

Having put a woman on a pedestal the art of sex also takes a woman as an equal partner. Hinduism teaches that the achievement of salvation can be due to prayer, penance, education and sex. Obviously you cannot have sex without a woman, thus a woman is part of the urge to reach God through sex. The temples at Khujaraho which have carvings of man and woman in sexual embrace are a point in proof. These images are in reality the God Shiva and his consort Shakthi. Hinduism recognizes that sex is integral to life and one must savor it to the hilt. It is not something frivolous and is a deep rooted spiritual need. This is the essence of tantric sex which forms a significant part of Hindu thought.

Acharaya Rajneesh or Osho taught nothing new and only preached what is second nature to man- sex. . For a western man making love to a Hindu woman or for that matter any one can be a source of intense pleasure in case the rules as enshrined in tantra and Hinduism is kept in mind.

Thus it will be an education for a man to follow the theories of Hinduism in relation to a woman. Give due recognition to this fact even in the sex act and the man will certainly feel at peace with himself.

Source by Madan G Singh

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