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Herbal Remedies Vs Medicinal Drugs


Man has acquired the intelligence to beneficially overpower every problem that has caused trouble to him. With the use of technology and widespread knowledge of resources available on Earth, man has been able to come with various drugs that prove helpful in defeating diseases and ailments which ancient men were supposedly unable to achieve. But we cannot be sure if these ancient intellectuals like sages and famous medicinal healers that we all the time read or hear in historical references had some secret knowledge on herbal remedies that were more effective than modern man’s drug. One of the most famous personalities with insurmountable talents in ancient Egypt is IMHOTEP who is believed to be the first architect to design a Pyramid for the reigning King Djoser along with many other important titles like Vizier, Doctor, Scribe, Sage, Poet, Astrologer and Priest. Such a multi-talented man was very famous in Egypt and other kingdoms like Rome and Greek. Imhotep is the Author of Edwin Smith Papyrus which is an Ancient Egyptian Medical Text that defines surgical traumas. This man with Godlike abilities was capable almost 4,000 years ago to diagnose and practice herbal treatment over 200 diseases which include 11 bladder diseases, 29 diseases of the eyes, 10 of the rectum, 15 abdomen diseases and 18 of nails, hair, tongue and skin. Appendicitis, tuberculosis, gallstones, gout and arthritis are some of the feared diseases that he was able to treat as he was a master in different herbs health benefits.

These famous men with immense knowledge of herbal remedies were either well known in their own town or in their own kingdom. There must have been many such people all over the world with abilities to heal with herbs, though not with the greatness of Imhotep and they must have passed their knowledge on herbal treatment to one generation after another without any written record. This phenomenon must have caused their knowledge to be just in their home town without being known globally. But it is not completely lost and is noticeably still present in modern world with grandparents and great grandparents who have little knowledge on herbs health benefits that is shared in times of sickness. Benefits out of herbs, in modern world are becoming more reliable than medicinal drugs as people begin to realize that herbal remedies are much effective. There are websites that offer information about these variant remedies that overpower many difficult diseases.

Herbal treatment can be divided according to Western herbs, Indian herbs and Chinese herbs. Sometimes to get desired results a concoction of medicinal herbs is required. For example, Danggui (Chinese angelica root), Gancao (Liquorices root), Chuanxiong (Szechuan lovage root), Chishao (Red peony root), Rougui (Cinnamon bark) and some of the other roots are concocted for curing of menstrual cramps. Certain herbs health benefits like Fenugreek are useful in enhancing women’s breasts which is an Ayurvedic medicine and plants like Basil are well known globally for its health benefits as it is known to cure many diseases and its leaves have various important oils that are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Thus, herbs are universally preferred to cure not only in ancient times but are considered and used for many diseases in modern days too. Herbal remedies have become an important research for many doctors and scientists who keep experimenting with different herbs that are offered by nature.

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