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Gout Foods to Avoid – Do Foods Rich in Purines Cause Gout?


 Gout attacks happen.  And if you are like most who suffer from gout, there is no such thing as one bout of gout.  The harsh reality is that once you have one gout attack, it is likely you will have another…and another…and another.  So what causes gout?  Is it in the foods we eat?  Some doctors believe so. 

Researchers recently surveyed 100 people who suffered from gout attacks and asked them, what foods triggered your gout? 

Here is the list of gout foods to avoid, according to those surveyed….

  1. Red Meat-  Out of the survey, 30 out of 100 people surveyed said that red meat was the culprit in triggering a gout attack.  The reason for this is simple.  Red Meat causes the protein enzyme that breaks down food to work overtime, creating excess uric acid in the bloodstream.
  2. Beer– And almost equal amount of people also found that beer was the catalyst for a gout attack.  In a separate 12 year study performed by the Massachusett General Hospital, Dr. Choi found that people who drank two or more beers a day were 2 1/2 times more likely to suffer a gout attack.  The reason?  Beer creates purines which break down into uric acid.
  3. Alcohol–  Other forms of alcohol other than beer didn’t fair that well in the study either.  It may be that the reason why beer accounts for a higher amount is that more people drink beer over alcohol.  Both activate the protein enzyme.
  4. Shellfish and seafood-  Just like red meat, shellfish and seafood causes excessive amounts of purines in the digestive process.  The problem with this is that typically, seafood is considered a healthy food for the heart in general.

Additionally, the study found that foods high in purines were the most common denominator for gout attacks and that most people who were trying to control their gout did so by reducing the amount of purine rich foods that they ate.

Interestingly enough, some purine rich foods are said to not cause a gout attack.  Foods such as peas, spinach, beans, mushrooms and cauliflower which are high in purines didn’t to have a significant factor in increasing the chances of a gout attack.

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