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Foods to Avoid With Gout – Helpful Hints For What Foods to Avoid


Any person who has gout knows how painful it can be. Trying to find a natural solution seems impossible at times. One of the best ways to control the pain of gout is with your diet. There are some foods to avoid that you should know about.

One of the foods to avoid with gout are high fat dairy products. Instead you want to choose low fat dairy products. Some examples are low fat cheese, skim milk, lactose free milk and so on. One treat that you will be glad to know you can still enjoy is ice cream. Make sure you choose one of the lower fat versions of this cold dessert. Low fat yogurt is another great choice. Also do not forget that along with choosing dairy products that are low in fat you should still drink eight glasses of water a day.

Beef is one of the main foods you will want to avoid with gout. There are alternatives if you still want to indulge in animal protein with your dinner. Such as pork, chicken and fish. These are great meat products which can and will help lower your risk of gout. Also one certain drink that you will want to try and avoid is alcohol. It will help cause the pain to go away and allow the gout to heal faster. If you avoid these foods you will then lessen your chances of gout. Following a well planned out diet greatly decreases your chances of getting gout. Which can sometimes be very painful, and really who needs pain in their life.

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