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Food for Wellness


Right from the elementary school education, we are educated on balanced nutrition and what our body needs for wellness. Pathetically,this is the last and the least of priorities on our diet planning. Irregular food habits, consumption of junk food which appeal more to the taste buds than to wellness, and to top it all, fill up stomach with pegs of whiskey and mugs of beer, is the trend of the day. What a tragedy!

One of the nutrition survey reveals that the soil for the growth of vegetables is coming down rapidly due to continuous usage of the soil and by use of chemicals and pesticides. The water used for irrigation is contaminated and another survey reports that the vegetables grown in a particular area, with contaminated waste water,contain mercury which is dangerous to health and might lead to kidney failure. The fruits which are stored and sold in the shops are devoid of major portion of the nutrition.

Yet, we do not take cognisance of these disturbing reports, but continue to dump all junk food which are good only to our taste buds.

What next? Obesity, retardation in metabolic functions, loss of energy, and finally the stage is set for the grand entry of Diabetes, the silent killer.

The damage is irrevocable now and still you are unaware of the impending health problems. Low intake of required vitamins,protein, minerals,fibre and essential food on one hand and excess intake of carbohydrates,salt on the other hand to spoil the show further. Once diabetes sets in, it opens up the gate for all major diseases to take control of your body and ruin it beyond repair. What an insult to the almighty God who gave you this beautiful body to support your soul in all good deeds!

Yet,there is hope in the form of Herbalife, which provides you the total nutrition required by your body, off-setting the damage and retrieve the system to normal health condition! Incredible,but true. There are millions of satisfied and happy customers all over the globe, spread out in 62 countries where Herbalife products are available, testifying this statement.

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Source by Ramani Iyer

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