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Environmental Benefits of Hydroponic Growing


Hydroponics is a concept where the plants are grown without using any soil. There are several advantages of this system. One is that the environment for the plant growth is sustained and controlled. It minimizes the usage of water and other resources. Also, hydroponics also saves on greenhouse gases and does not contaminate the environment.

Hydroponics grows more plants and more vegetables and the production quantity directly increases by ten times than the natural environment. Hydroponics method of growing plants, fruits and vegetables uses less land and is limited to smaller areas. Therefore, even shortage of arable land does not have an effect on the crop production.

Ground water gets saved as you do not have to irrigate large patches of land. Also, when using this method of growing plants, the plants are not threatened by natural calamities, whereas the natural growing crops are. There is no need to use insecticides and pesticides for hydroponics and contaminate the environment. The chances of infestation are nil as the environment is controlled.

Hydroponics is not limited to climate, weather or seasons. Any vegetable, flower or fruit can be grown anywhere and at anytime because the environment for the plant to grow is readily available. Also, vegetables and crops grown through hydroponics grow much better. As soon as one crop is over the next crop can be grown.

Because the plants are grown without soil, there is no land erosion. When you use less pesticides the quality of taste of the fruits and vegetables is much higher and is also less harmful to people who eat them.

Hydroponics cultivation can be done within city limits. So the transportation costs and other such costs can be minimized directly. The demand and supply can be met immediately.

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