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Does Age Really Matter in a Relationship?


People who fall in love don’t necessarily take age into consideration. As long as they feel something for the opposite sex, especially for the males, they’ll go and woo that person. They don’t usually ask upfront the age of the person they’re dating because for many, it’s a rude trait to do so.

We often hear the cliche “Age doesn’t matter in love.” Many married couples with a wide age gap and who have successfully hurdled their worst trials together through the years believe in this while there are also those who don’t. The May-December affair is such a reality today and no longer frowned upon by society.

Relationship experts and marriage counselors agree that it all depends on the situation, a person’s outlook in life and how couples handle their relationship moving forward. Regardless of age, an individual’s disposition is what plays a vital role in the success of their marital bond.

Today, there are many couples with many years in between them. Men have younger wives while there are also women who have younger husbands. For the males, often they find the youthfulness of women attractive. With younger partners, they may a boost of energy and confidence.

For the women who seek older men, they may be after maturity and self confidence. Oftentimes, they seek someone who has more experience in life, one who can understand them better and who can provide some sort of guidance in their lives.

Sometimes, though, there are also men and women more mature than their age. As such, they are then able to have an open mind about the different aspects of their marriage and are capable of adjusting to various situations.

The main area, though, where problems can exist is in handling the family’s finances. Where one couple, for example, is earning much than the other, conflicts can be expected. But issues can easily be resolved through constant communication. This should not be made a major issue if you know how to discuss financial matters in an honest and open way.

There may be pressures along the way especially from family and friends who may not agree with your relationship but that’s no reason to stop you from pursuing what you think is right. You just have to prove to them that you can handle everything and you’re going to make your marriage work.

If you make age an issue, then it’s surely going to affect the way you deal with your relationship. But if you accept your partner wholeheartedly regardless of what and who he or she is, then you should be able to adjust to your differences and move on with life with lesser problems.

Ultimately, what you do with your life is your own choice. If you love your partner regardless of how young or old he or she is than you, age should not really matter. Try to develop a positive attitude, stretch your patience some more and be the best spouse you can be and for sure, you will not regret being married to your other half.

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