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Cordyceps For Sex Drive


The modern pharmaceutical companies have been quite busy these past few decades, doing their best to come up with ways to help men overcome their troubles in the bedroom. Thanks to the success of the little blue pill, other PDE-5 inhibitors have been synthesized that promise to help men achieve and maintain an erection. While there is no doubt that these new drugs do indeed work at giving men erections, they also come at a cost. First, since they are developed in a lab at the expense of billions of research dollars, they tend to be pricey, averaging around 15 dollars a pill. Second, since they function by tinkering with blood flow, they tend to be risky, especially when mixed with other medications and alcohol.

Cordyceps is a potential cure for erectile dysfunction that was not created in a laboratory at the expense of billions, but rather a minute fungus that was first discovered high on the Tibetan plains two thousand years ago. This fungus actually grows upon the remains of a specific Tibetan caterpillar in the wild, although modern cultivation practices involve sterilized vegetable medium which enables the growing of a more potent substrate.

First mentioned in the ancient Chinese text: “The Classic Herbal of the Divine Plowman” in 200 A.D., Cordyceps has long been prized by the Far East as a powerful stimulant that can help boost circulation, tone the liver and kidneys, increase physical stamina and of course, help men maintain a erection. This ability seems to stem from the fungi’s blood vessel dilating properties which leads to better blood flow, especially to the genital areas.

Modern analysis of Cordyceps extract has shown that it displays powerful antioxidant abilities as well as potential effects on bad cholesterol. A Japanese clinical study has also found that Cordyceps helps 64% of the men who took it with their erectile dysfunction. Researchers believe that this is due to the presence of deoxyadenosine and corycepic acid in the fungus. Both of these isolated constituents have been shown to help increase libido and desire in both sexes. Many athletes have also reported taking Cordyceps extract to help boost their performance with its ability to increase stamina and circulation.

After examining the potential for cordyceps, it should come as no surprise that the makers of Zenerect, the best selling all natural male enhancement pill, have decided to include a 7% cordyceps extract solution within their formula. Since cordyceps not only helps increase sexual desire and blood flow to penis but also helps boost general health and well being, it is seen as an ideal addition to Zenerect. Big Apple, the makers of Zenerect have chosen to focus on overall health for better sexual performance rather than just the increase of blood flow to the penis making a pill that is safe and reliable for all men who are having ED issues.

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