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Canine Cushings Disease in Dogs Syndrome – Homeopathic Treatment


Cushings syndrome and cushings disease in dogs are very similar, but they’re actually two different things. They both involve high amounts of cortisol in the dog’s body. The difference is, though, that cushings disease is the name for the problem when it originates in the dog’s pituitary gland. Cushings syndrome, on the other hand, is the name that is given to any increased cortisol problem in a dog, no matter how it occurs. Discover

As you are probably aware, dogs tend to develop a lot of health problems as they age. That could mean anything from arthritis to diabetes to cushings disease in any of its forms. Of course, pituitary-related cushings disease in dogs, as well as other forms of cushings can occur in a dog of any age. It’s much better to catch it early or take measures to prevent it, though, since it can be harder to treat any form of cushings when it’s complicated by other medical conditions.

Common Causes of Cushings Syndrome:

Some of the common causes of cushings syndrome are adrenal hyperplasia and adrenal tumors, as well as pituitary tumors. Since the pituitary gland controls the dog’s adrenal glands, both gland types can be affected, not to mention other systems in your dog’s body. For example, cushings can cause heart and liver problems for your dog, if it is left untreated.

Another common cause is drugs (iatrogenic causes). Essentially, if your dog is taking any steroid medications for unrelated medical problems, it can cause the hormonal balance in their body to be thrown off, creating a case of cushings. So, if your dog is showing signs of cushings, you may want to examine any medications that they are on, such as prednisone.

Homeopathic Treatment:

You may want to consider homeopathic treatment for cushings disease in dogs as an option for your pet. After all, a lot of traditional medications for cushings have harsh side-effects. Herbal remedies and supplements do not.

The practice of homeopathy is over two-hundred years old. One of the interesting things about it is that it often uses a diluted version of a substance to create a cure for that substance. Also, homeopathic remedies are always all natural. That means they’re made of things that are commonly found in nature, like herbs, minerals and plants.

The thing that you need to remember about your dog is that, originally, dogs roamed wild and free. They fended for themselves and they ate whatever they found out in the wild. Now that they’ve been domesticated, though, they are often exposed to environmental toxins, processed foods and other things that are just not good for them at all.

As an owner, it’s your responsibility to pick up the slack and compensate for the domestication of your dog. He or she can’t fend for themselves like their wild ancestors. So, talk to your dog’s vet about the best all natural ways to prevent or cure cushings disease in dogs, as well as other diseases and disorders that your dog may be prone to.

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