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Can You Eat Your Way To Health And Beauty?


It is well known that what we consume is reflected in our health and wellbeing and of course the way we look not only whether or not we are overweight but it can have a bearing too on our complexion and on the look of our hair.

When there is not enough to go round all food is good but it is a fact that today probably many of us eat too much.

So what then is a good and sensible eating plan that will not only be nutritious but that will make you look and feel good too?

Firstly cut out as much sugar as possible it increases insulin levels and that in turn weakens the immune system, causes you to feel low and creates havoc with your skin cells particularly collagen, the skin’s structural support . Think Wrinkles and Sugar when you have your tea with sugar!

Much of the massed produced food we eat today can be of poorer quality than that of bygone years, yes it will satisfy your hunger but maybe not give you the nourishment you need for feeling and looking good. The nutrients in the food could well have been reduced or even sometimes removed by rigorous production and processing methods.

Eat the way nature intended, processed food should be avoided where possible and avoid junk foods, stick to vegetables, fruits (raw fruit and vegetables can be beneficial too), grains, seeds and pulses, oily fish and a little meat and cheese. Mediterranean diets are said to be the healthiest so don’t forget the olive oil! OK yes, olive oil is a fat but it’s a healthy fat, one of the omega groups of essential fatty acids.

The discussion next turns to organic foods, yes these are more expensive but they are never the less free of pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones that may well in some cases be harmful to health. Organic food does often taste much better too.

Try shopping around; farm shops may be worth a try and of course how about a try at growing your own it can not only be healthier but also self satisfying. If you eat lots of meats and you want to try organic you might like to cut down and not use meat as a centrepiece of too many meals.

Try eating three or four light meals a day rather than one two heavy meals, ensure that you never miss out on breakfast. Eat your last meal of the day around two hours or so before bedtime.

Some of this may help you not only stay in shape, it may well help you feel good, give you more energy, more sparkle and even give you a shine to your hair and a glow to your skin.

Source by Brian Potter

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