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Breast Enlargement Hypnosis


For women who may feel uncomfortable with going under the knife to have their breasts enlarged, there are a number of non-surgical and natural options they can take, which can help them achieve a fuller breast size. Some of these options include taking herbal supplements, doing breast enhancement exercises, using breast enlargement devices, and applying breast enlargement creams on their breasts. Among the women who use these methods, there are some that claim that they are every effective, while there are also those how claim that they are just a waste of time. Given this, much debate has been done as to the effectiveness of these methods. Another reason for this is that some people in the scientific community doubt the “unusual” steps that some of these methods promote. One of the most controversial among which is the use of hypnosis to help women enlarge their breasts.

The use of hypnosis to enhance breast size

The use of hypnosis to help women enlarge their breasts is rooted on the theory that there is a direct link between the mind and the body. According to this theory it is possible for the mind to direct a part of the body, in this case the breast, to grow, shrink, weaken, or strengthen. Those who advocate the use of this method have developed different stages by which hypnosis can help women grow bigger breasts. The first stage involves introducing the person to the link between the mind and the body and on how cells of the body respond to the thoughts of the person.

The second stage involves teaching a person on how to induce their brain into a trance state, which is claimed to be very crucial in establishing communication between the mind and the body. After this, the person is then taught how to focus on her breast cells and to reinforce the state in her body that would maximize growth. After this stage, the person is then directed to imagine the breast size they want. Although this method is very unorthodox, some women swear by its effectiveness.

Among the different natural methods that have been developed to help women enlarge their breasts, one of the most controversial is the use of hypnosis, which is based on the premise that the a person’s mind can direct her breasts to grow bigger. However, despite the controversy surrounding this method, there are women who claim that it is very effective. Given this, women who want bigger breasts would do well not to count this method out as a viable alternative to breast augmentation surgery.

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