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Acidic Urine – 3 Things You Want to Avoid


The phrase, acidic urine gets quite a few searches on the web every day. Why are people searching on acidic urine?

When someone searches for acidic urine, that person could have either positive or negative motivations. In the following paragraphs we are dealing only with the negative or pain avoidance motivation side. We are going to tackle the three actions or errors that a person would want most to avoid.

For a general overview of the challenge area here, you ought to know that high uric acid in your blood and urine can lead to agonizing gout. This happens because high uric acid can lead to crystal formation in your joints, leading to the agonizing symptoms of gout.

So what exactly do we need to avoid here? And explain to me, just why should I wish to avoid that?

Well, when dealing with high uric acid, we are actually dealing with your body’s metabolism which produces the uric acid in the first place. Chemical compounds called ‘purines’ break down as a part of this process and form uric acid. Importantly, purines exist in our foods too.

Thus, we need to take steps to ensure that we reduce and maintain uric acid levels in urine and blood at healthy levels. And so, here then are the 3 things you should avoid…

First off, avoid foods with high purine levels. The main reasoning for this is that as you saw above, purines produce uric acid, and, they exist in our food as well as our bodies.

What amount of avoidance will I need? For foods with very high concentrations, then complete avoidance. For foods with relatively low-medium levels, then some reduction in their intake should be sufficient.

Second, you need to avoid stress. And just why would that be? Well, stress increases your metabolism, and as you’ve seen, your metabolism produces uric acid. So gout and stress are definitely linked. Therefore, you need to reduce your stress.

Third and finally, avoid becoming overweight. The reason behind this is that a person who is overweight has more body mass and thus their metabolism can produce more uric acid. Being overweight is recognised as being one of the most critical factors in having high uric acid, and therefore gout.

Now whilst these 3 issues are important, they aren’t the whole story. There are many other issues to be addressed to arrive at a proper cure for gout. And you really do need to prevent frequent gout attacks because they can lead to permanent joint damage and other problems such as kidney stones.

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