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A Healthy Balance With Holistic Healing


Looking for alternative methods to help your physical and emotional aches and pains? Here’s a quick overview of options, including an introduction to CranioSacral Therapy.

It seems that more and more people are seeking alternative medicine to traditional medical care. The Holistic approach was largely dismissed by mainstream society as a passing fad for many years. However, countries around the globe have been using alternative medicine for centuries with great success and at a fraction of the cost of traditional medical treatments.

So why are people flocking to holistic practitioners?

This may be due to the ineffectiveness of conventional medicine to address the mind, body, and spirit. The standard medical treatment consists of medication and surgery. The majority of conventional medicine and traditional therapies consist of treating the symptoms and not the root cause of the problem. Surgery and medication are certainly necessary and beneficial in many cases, but there are alternatives you might consider.

Many people are experiencing relief of their symptoms with alternative approaches, in addition to being treated as a Whole Person.

The Mind Body Connection

There is mounting evidence pertaining to the role of the mind in treating disease, chronic pain, and aiding in the healing process. Emotions can have a significant impact on our body. Many limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and ideas can build up much like physical restrictions. This can affect us in all aspects of our life. The understanding that emotions affect physical health dates as far back as the second century.

It can be overwhelming if you Google holistic, alternative, or complementary care. There are so many different healing modalities and practitioners. How do you decide which modality and practitioner is right for you? I will give you my opinion as a patient and my expertise as a Holistic and CranioSacral Therapist for over 16 years.

Fast Facts

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)-Practices and products that are not presently considered a part of conventional medicine. Complementary medicine is used together with conventional medicine. You may also see it labeled as Integrative Medicine.

Alternative Medicine refers to the use of CAM in place of conventional medicine. CAM modalities may include: herbal medicine, homeopathy, energy medicine, osteopathic medicine, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, biofeedback, acupuncture, and massage therapy to name a few.

How does Holistic Medicine differ from integrative, complementary or alternative medicine?

Holistic Medicine incorporates conventional, complementary, and alternative medicine emphasizing the whole person: Mind, Body, and Spirit. The idea that anyone can “fix” your problem is not part of the holistic philosophy. The holistic physician or practitioner is a guide, mentor, and facilitator, and will design a treatment program to assist you in healing. The patient takes an active role in her health and must do the work needed to release old habits, beliefs, or negative emotions, proper nutrition, and perhaps changing a lifestyle. This will facilitate “Total Body Healing.”

How do you decide which healing modality is right for you?

This will take some research on your part depending on what type of ailment you are suffering from. I have listed some resources and this will get you started on your journey.

How do you find a practitioner that is knowledgeable and an expert in their field?

1. Research their education, back ground, and credentials. They should be certified or have advanced course work. Unfortunately, I have seen people with only 2 courses under their belt and call themselves a holistic practitioner.

2. Interview your practitioner over the phone first and find out if they specialize in or have experience treating your specific condition.

3. Also, you can contact professional organizations in your area to learn more about holistic practitioners. Linkedin.com is also a good resource.

Having suffered from chronic back pain and stress for many years, I searched for alternative methods, including CranioSacral Therapy. It helped me release stress and pain at its source and allowed me to move forward with my life and return to the things I loved to do!

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

It is a gentle light touch therapy that releases tensions in the central nervous system which affects all other systems in the body. It helps to relieve pain, stress, and restrictions, and improve whole body health and performance.

What conditions does it treat?

Migraines, sinus problems, all types of pain, stress, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, helps to reduce side effects with chemotherapy, helps to release emotional issues.

The Benefits of CranioSacral Therapy:

Freedom from pain and stress

Better sleep

Increased energy levels

Learn to release emotional blocks

Relax and return to the things you love to do!

Source by Martha Tassinari

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