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7 Power Foods to Get Rid of Tummy Fat and Skyrocket Your Health!


Struggling to eat the fresh stuff?

Here’s 7 ‘power food’ ways to get rid of tummy and kick-start your way to a healthier


1) Grapes

-Has fighting oxidants which includes polyphenol and resveratrol

(particularly in red and black varieties)

-Rich in potassium, which helps to lower the risk of the harmful effects

of excess sodium

-Contains 80 percent water! It’s great way to hydrate

-Why not add them to a cheese platter, freeze them for a refreshing

summer snack or use them in salads and desserts

2) Red Tomatoes

-Contains licopene, a powerful antioxidant (including processed tomato

products), which helps to lower the risk of cancer and heart disease

-A six year study conducted by Harvard Medical School of more than 46

fruits and vegies revealed that tomatoes by far reduces the risk of

prostrate cancer

3) Oranges and Lemon

-Rich in Vitamin C

-Helps in the fight against cholesterol, flushing away toxins, and

getting rid of tummy fat!

-It is a great anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering juicy fruit

-Every orange you eat, you’ll get 10 per cent of the recommended daily

allowance of fiber

-Oranges gives a healthy dose of pectin – helps flush out toxins in the

body that beer, coffee and cigarettes leave behind

-Better still, citrus fruit don’t lose their power or flavor when

cooked together with protein packed, meaty opponents.

-Also, helps the body absorption of iron from lamb, swordfish and

other grilled flesh

4) The big cheese

-Helps to build muscle and strengthens bones.

-Although high in kilojoules, it is rich in calcium that helps to

protect the colon from cancer causing chemicals.

-Calcium from dairy foods encourages the fat cells to give up their fat

which helps you get rid of tummy fat

-Also helps fight tooth decay, the phosphorus and calcium act to replace

minerals in tooth enamel

5) Pineapples

-Contain bromelain (an enzyme that aids digestion by helping break down


-Is a great source of fiber

-High in Vitamin C which is vital for healthy blood, bones and teeth

6) Mangoes

-Loaded with Vitamin A, which helps to maintain healthy skin cells

-Helps boosts our immune system,

-Contains Potassium, which lowers blood pressure and strengthens muscles

7) Blueberries

-Low in kilojoules

-Virtually fat free

-A good source of fiber

-Very high in antioxidants, and help fights against cancer

So start eating fresh stuff now to give your health a boost it deserves!

There you have it, 7 Amazing reasons to start eating right, and ‘power up’ your health.

Not only that – by eating more of these fiber rich foods during the day, and substituting it for snacks it can control the cravings, which in turn helps to get rid of tummy fat!

Source by Jason Oh

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