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Weight Loss Through Hypnosis – How Much Does it Cost?


How Much Does It Cost?

This is a common question, probably because most people don’t know what to ask. They are so used to comparing purchases by price that this becomes their tool for comparison. Going to see a hypnotist is comparatively inexpensive. Especially if you compare it to what your problem has been costing you in real dollars over the lifespan that your problem has existed. Many people see a hypnotist to stop smoking or for weight loss so it makes sense to compare costs to these problems. Smokers spend thousands of dollars a year on just the cost of cigarettes. There are of course other additional costs associated to smoking cigarettes, most of these are never tallied up in the total cost of smoking. But they are real costs as well. Increased insurance costs, medical expenses, housing costs, pay scale loss (being passed over for jobs), lost sales (if your income involves selling of any kind), and many, many more. There are also social costs, self-esteem loss, confidence loss, and many other emotional strains associated with smokers.

I once met a retired gentleman who wasn’t able to move into the retirement community with golf course that he had planned because he was a smoker. After his hypnosis to quit smoking session he happily went on to a joyful golf retirement. But not before referring his wife and daughter to the hypnotist.

What does it cost to stay the same?

I could easily make a case for solid monetary expenses that are being borne by the person with any behavioral problem that has been ongoing for years. Think of the added expense associated with weight problems. Aside from the cost of the excess food consumed, all the other costs are relevant. And people who are having problems with their weight usually eat more food or consume more alcohol than they need. This is an added expense. I also think that fat people are going to be the new “smokers” of the future. They’ll be ostracized and shunned, and pressured into changing. The way that smokers are today. Especially when universal health care goes into affect and we start to understand what being out of shape is actually costing the taxpayers. Society will not look kindly on those that are costing them additional money because they are out of control with their behaviors.

The value of change

When you take an accounting of what your problem truly costs you in dollars and cents, you will see that a series of sessions with a hypnotist is quite affordable in comparison. In addition to saving you money, you just start to feel the freedom and control you wanted most if not all of your life. And it’s hard to put a price on that joy. If you don’t see the benefit of spending money on your own improvement, then you’re probably better off just continuing on the way you are. The change is probably not that important to you. And your own time is probably not that valuable to you or anyone else. Not meaning to be harsh, just realistic. This process is probably not for you. You don’t want to add the expense of seeing a professional along with the pain of just another failed attempt at making changes.

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