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Undecenoic Acid Candida Cure and Cleansing Your Digestive Track


SF 277 by Thorne Inc is undecenoic acid from beans that can be used as your candida cure. If you search on Karen Tripp, she has a website that she created and talks in some detail about her experiences. For her, with the diet and some other supplements from her doctor, she got rid of the candida in 40 days. She says 30, but then goes on to say how she enjoyed the diet and weight loss, so stayed on the program longer.

The diet is basically a high protein, low carb regimen. Although she states that you can have well toasted bread, she herself avoided all sweets, wheats, and starches for the duration. It’s the first week without sugar that is the hardest but I found that it is doable.

My friend had been taking the SF277 for about a week for six a day, and also eating vegetables and protein. She was getting over the sugar with the supplements that she was taking, but she slipped when she began to crave corn chips and cheese. Although they say that you can have well-melted cheese, it is dairy product, and it may be that she has allergies to dairy, sugar and wheat products. Also, corn is high sugar/starch for veggies, so using them could have made her a diet mistake which caused a relapse.

She gets bentonite clay and psyllium with cleansing herbs and they are for toxic colons, which she has because of all of the abdominal problems and sagging gut. It all seems to go together. Dr Schulze also has a good formula which is not as intensive, but gives really good results.

What she did, instead of mixing them with fruit juice and water, is adding the super green food mix with the water, bentonite, and psyllium, shake out of it, down it quickly before it gets thick, and down another glass of water. She hasn’t gotten to the point of just using five of these a day with 5 cleanse herbs, but even 2 or 3 shakes a day were working wonders on trying to clean her digestive track.

Source by Angie Lindsey

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