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Traditional Food of Honduras


It is amazing that this great country of Honduras which is very poor can still produce some of the greatest tasting recipes. Some of the more traditional food of Honduras includes tortillas, fried beans, bananas or papayas, eggs and usually some type of veggie. It is known that in this country most of the traditional food of Honduras is grown right there so they do not have to import a lot of foods. Fruits, vegetables and meat are usually all butchered and homegrown for each family.

This country tends to take some of the recipes from Mexico and put their own Honduras twist on it, so if you like Mexican food and you are looking for something newer and healthier, then you may want to give some traditional food of Honduras a try. Because most of the food of this country is homegrown and not imported, using the freshest possible vegetables, fruits and other ingredients is very important and will make all the difference in taste. Organic is the way to go when it comes to preparing this type of authentic food.

The baleada is another traditional food of Honduras and is a staple in the country. Basically, a baleada is a flour tortilla which is folded in half and filled with refried beans and cheese and then topped with sour cream. In essence, this dish is what Americans call a quesadilla. A baleada is a great dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner it is all on how you prepare it. Many people will add roast meat (chicken or pork, red meat is not allowed in a lot of Honduran dishes) for dinner and scramble up some eggs to have in it for breakfast.

Naturally, these are not the only traditional food of Honduras, there are many soups that have made an appearance in this country and are a great way to start or end a meal. For instance, a great bean soup can compliment a dinner of tacos amazingly well, or if you are a person who enjoys seafood, the Honduran’s have come up with a fantastic seafood soup that is a little bit spicy and sweet. Most of the soups, as a known fact are complimented by corn tortillas which you can dip into the soup.

So as you can see, some of the most traditional food of Honduras is fantastic, tastes great and is very healthy for you! Whether you are making this meal specifically for you or you are cooking for a big family, you will have a great time not only preparing this meal but also eating it! Just be sure that you have some water around, for a lot of the traditional food of Honduras is spicy!

To try out some traditional food of Honduras such as quesadillas, fried plantain, salsas, chismol, bronzed tilapia, conch soup, coconut bread and many, many more, check out these Honduran recipes.

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