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Recuperating the Ecosystem by Bioethics – The Ethical Science


The craving for advancement in human minds has disregarded the sensitive nature of the global ecosystem. We, the humans, are responsible for the criminal conspiracies of global climate change or the global warming, the depletion of ozone layer, poisoning the air, degrading the soil, polluting the rivers and oceans with chemical wastes, deforestation and extinction of innumerous plant and animal species. Mother Nature has been unscrupulously stripped of her dignity and beauty.

The ecological economists have repeatedly clarified that our economies are dependent on our natural eco systems and still we are on a depletion spree of such vast supplies of natural resources. Large-scale industrial growth and prosperity need to take ecological sustainability and harmony in to account.

Ethical values on no account are divorced from biological facts. Any actions that may be detrimental to the survival of any life in the planet were labeled as immoral.

Ethics, in the past, were considered to be a branch of philosophy or science. Ethics has to include both facts and values. Bioethics is the science of survival and is the foundation on which the entire eco-system is built upon principally dealing with the relationship among plants, the animals and the physical environment.

Bioethics is a new-fangled discipline that fuses biological concepts and human values. In 1971, Van Renssalaer potter, a U.S. based medical practitioner originally coined and defined the term Bioethics as “a system of human values that recognizes biological realities, the nature of man, the facts of life, and the constraints imposed by the third world”. Bioethics provides us with the guidelines to meet the natural balance.

The continuous existence of plant and animal species are necessary to the improvement in the quality of life in the planet. The survival of a species largely rests on its adaptation to the changing environment. The novel consumerism, the rapidly increasing population pressure on the environment and the poverty in the developing countries catalyzes the degradation of our environment.

It’s time to reconcile our past misdeeds on Mother Nature, restore forests, renewable natural resources, and the quality of environment and to carryout the rehabilitation of homeless. To conclude, everyone should remember that whatsoever comfort we are enjoying at present demands a moral obligation to return the mother earth to the future generation with minimal degradation or damage.

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