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New Weight Loss Method


I am sure you have heard it before, but “we are what we think” and it bears repeating. This could not be more true. This is the heart of a new weight loss method utilizing binaural beats. In short there is a repository of several types of software which can be used to augment your brain power.

It is so easy to resort to the “pill method” to achieve quick and easy weight loss, but the simple fact of the matter is this – IF (yes IF) they work, it is on a temporary basis. What happens when you stop taking the pills? Now, of course a healthy diet and exercise are important, but this software that helps enhance your brain power can provide an excellent additional boost in your new weight loss effort (or shall I say success). This software comes at extremely palatable prices and has no side effects like many of the pills available.

New weight loss method is a popular word these days. There is an abundance of people that believe they are overweight and they therefore go about shedding pounds in a desperate and malnourishing fashion. Possessing and maintaining a healthy body is crucially important for a healthy state of mind. Often times experts recommend specific foods and / or specific pills to bring about the weight loss so many people seek. What is problematic with this (more so the pills) is that the results do not last. Quit the pills, gain the weight back. Boo! This is the biggest downfall with most of the conventional ways to keep healthy and trim these days.

Don’t get me wrong, a healthy, balanced meal plan is crucial, but should not be your solitary means of reaching your goals. The software mentioned that enhances your brain power specifically targets weight loss and ONLY contains positive recordings. Even the word ‘weight’ is considered negative. The emphasis should be on a healthy body. Negative energies like ‘I’m overweight’ or ‘I wish I had a better body’ or ‘why can’t I lose my belly’ simply aggravate weight gain. Until you get the negative energies to vanish, you will never get the lasting results you so deserve.

Our brains are like an air craft control tower – It is a small center of activity that ultimately controls the rest of our body. Hence, weight loss begins in your brain. If we don’t clear our mind of the negative thoughts centered around weight loss, how can we expect to reach our goal? Pills, just are not the answer. Thoughts are far more valuable than a pill. Besides, you don’t want to line the pill manufacturers pockets for the rest of your life, do you?

One can easily download this software for very little cost at all and listen to the encouraging recordings and debunk the weight loss myth. They provide insight to the meaning of weight & the manner in which you should go about controlling it.

Most folks don’t even take a moment to think about the psychology behind weight loss, but the fact is once you listen to the recordings you are guaranteed to feel great about your physical appearance. A highly confident person is viewed much differently than those with low self esteem.

Source by S. L. Welch

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