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Natural Sleep Remedies – What is the Best Sleep Aid?


Using natural sleep remedies to cure insomnia is definitely a better way to go than relying on prescription sleeping pills and all the associated problems that come along with them. It is hard to pick out one best sleep aid as a combination of the following suggestions is the best and healthiest way to beat insomnia.

1. Take daily exercise – Be physically active during the daytime and try to include a workout for at least 20 minutes of your day. Exercise stimulates the brain and helps eliminate or at least lower stress and anxiety. You don’t want to exercise 3 or 4 hours leading up to going to bed as this is a stimulating activity. Being physically active throughout the day makes it easier to sleep at night.

2. Vitamins by Vitamin Agent, supplements and Herbal remedies – Melatonin is a dietary supplement you can buy over the counter and is known to help with sleep. Not quite an all natural method but a synthetic substitute for a naturally occurring hormone. More natural herbs used for inducing sleep are chamomile, St. John’s Wort and passion flower.

3. Relax your body and mind – Leading up to bedtime try to unwind and relax putting your body int sleep mode. Taking a nice hot bath in a relaxed setting is an ideal way to do this. Relaxing music lavender bath salts and candles will definitely help you to feel more relaxed.

4. Manage stress – Life’s problems can keep you awake at night and you must learn to switch off and forget about those things when it is time to sleep. If it is serious enough that you need to see a therapist to help you deal with it then do just that. Self help techniques you can use are meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and self hypnosis.

5. Eat a healthy diet – Most of our health issues are caused by what we consume and sleeping disorders can also be brought on by a bad diet. Following a healthy balanced diet is something that is so simple and can be the solution to many of our health issues including insomnia.

6. Eliminate stimulants – Alright so you may not be able to completely eradicate the following stimulants from your life entirely but you really should avoid them at least 3 to 4 hours before you go to bed:- Caffeine including coffee, tea, chocolate and soda. Read the labels if you are unsure whether a product contains caffeine or not. Avoid alcohol and smoking leading up to bedtime as well.

7. Create the perfect sleeping environment – That means you want a comfortable bed and bedding, a comfortable temperature setting and no bright lights. If noise is a problem try using ear plugs. This is a tough one but removing the TV from your bedroom will help dramatically. Using your bed strictly for sleep and of course nuptials is important.TV is stimulating and will keep you awake longer than if you were to just go to bed to sleep.

Hopefully these suggestions will set you on the right track to a better night’s sleep. As you can see it is impossible to choose the best sleep aid as a combination the above natural sleep remedies and a complete lifestyle change is truly the best way to combat your sleep disorder. and fall asleep fast.

Source by Laura K Milton

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