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Let Nature Work For You – Homeopathic Remedy for Snoring


There are hundreds of cures for snoring. In milder cases, a person may be relieved from snoring by trying different sleeping positions in such a way that the air passage is not constricted to avoid obstructions, losing weight, or avoiding certain substances that triggers snoring. For chronic snoring, doctors might recommend anti snoring devices or even surgery to relieve a person from snoring.

However, prior to having a surgery performed on you (which could cost you hundreds of dollars and might leave you with a scar and a cut jaw bone) you might want to try homeopathic remedy for snoring. Homeopathic medicines are derived from nature and use your body’s natural defenses. Since it’s made from natural ingredients, there are minimal side effects or none at all compared to artificial products that work by suppressing symptoms.

The homeopathic remedy for snoring study

A team of physicians in Portland, Oregon, conducted a study to compare the efficacy of homeopathic remedy for snoring (as a pill) versus a placebo in reducing the intensity or incidence of snoring. 90 patients were recruited and divided into two groups – those receiving the homeopathic remedy for snoring and the placebo group. After the 10-day study period of taking the two distinct pills, 61.4 percent of the patients who received the homeopathic remedy for snoring reported improvements ranging from moderate to excellent compared to 21.7 percent from the placebo group.

There are hundreds of anti-snoring pills and any can be a homeopathic remedy for snoring. These pills contain natural extracts from plants and herbs that work by breaking down body secretions and mucus, the leading causes of congestion. The herbs used in these pills are known to prevent the swelling of the throat and nose tissues. The snoring sound is primarily produced a by the vibrations of the soft tissues in the air passage and having them opened or widened lessens the occurrence of snoring.

Not a pill alone

A homeopathic remedy for snoring is not just a pill. A range of products like nasal sprays or nose drops, which applies similar natural formulations, also work by clearing the air passages to take out any obstructions. SnoreControl and Zapnea are examples of nasal sprays homeopathic products.

These inexpensive homeopathic remedies for snoring may be your first option to chronic snoring. The advantage is that they have no known side effects and homeopathic remedies are the first line of natural products that were approved by the FDA a “drug product”.

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