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How to Reset Dell Password On User Account Without Reset Disk


User accounts are the primary means of access for real people to the system, and these accounts insulate the user and the environment, preventing the users from damaging the system or other users, and allowing users to customize their environment without affecting others. Meanwhile, the user accounts in Windows help PC administrators or owners add a basic level of security for their data or files. However, the bad news is what should we do if forgot password for Dell PC?

Of course, you can password reset disk and you have no administrative privilege, what should you do to regain access into the Dell laptop? Is there any portable way to deal with?

Here introduces a step-by-step guide on how to access the user accounts and we would like to take Windows 7 as an example.

Instructions to Change Password on Dell PC

  • Turn off and restart your Dell PC. Press and hold the “F8” key during the start-up process to enter the Windows “Advanced Boot Options” menu.
  • Note: “F12” or other keys can be available if your screen indicates
  • Press the down-and-up arrow on your keyboard to scroll down and highlight “Safe Mode.” Press “Enter.” This will take several minutes.
  • Click on the “Administrator” account listed in the Windows log-on screen and enter the Administrator’s password to log into the account if you have.
  • Note: This account sometimes gets created by default when you or the PC’s manufacturer performs a fresh/new installation of the Windows operating system on a PC.
  • Click “Start” button and type “User Accounts” in the search box at the bottom of the “Start” menu. Press “Enter.”
  • Select “Manage another account.” Click on your user account name or another user’s account name.
  • When the User Accounts appears, click it.
  • Click “Change the password.” Type a new password for the under accounts. Then click the “Change password” button.
  • After that, restart the Dell computer. Log into the user account with the new password and you can successfully regain access your Dell PC.

Do you feel relaxed with this detailed guide to change the password? After that, try to DIY and create a Windows password reset disk for your Dell laptop.

By the way, we have collected some other portable solution to reset Dell password, a helpful trick for taking Windows Password Unlocker which is much time and energy saving to do so by creating a Windows password reset disk.

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