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Help Clear UTI Infections With a Healthy Diet


What Can Foods Do To Help Clear UTI Infections?

We all recognize the importance of eating a healthy diet for our all-round health. It can help prevent obesity and in the longer term, can contribute to a longer and more enjoyable life as we are more likely to be disease-free.

We are all advised to ensure that we eat a healthy diet which includes plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits. For people who suffer from urinary tract infections, this advice is particularly important as a healthy diet can help prevent and sometimes help to clear UTI infections.

When our immune systems are low, it is far easier for our bodies to be “invaded” by bacteria. A healthy, nutrient-rich diet, coupled with exercise can help you to develop a strong immune system which is armed to fight off infections.

Fluid intake is also important for everybody, but again, this is of particular importance for those who suffer from urinary tract infections. A good fluid intake is advised as this will help flush out any bacteria which are present in the bladder before they have chance to multiply and can even clear UTI infections once a mild one has taken effect. The best types of drinks are water and diluted fruit juices or squash. Caffeine in tea and coffee irritates the bladder so should only be drank in moderation. Alcohol should be avoided completely if at all possible as it can increase the acidity of the urine and may cause irritation.

Cranberry juice is often mentioned in relation to foods which can clear UTI infections. Cranberry juice has a “bacteriostatic” effect which helps prevent bacteria sticking to the bladder walls, thus inhibiting its growth. It is best to drink unsweetened juice as sugar can help bacteria to multiply.

As previously mentioned, sugar is best avoided. Remember to check how much sugar is “hidden” in everyday foodstuffs such as cereals and baked beans.

Regular sufferers of UTI’s may find that a particular type of food or drink can trigger an attack. If this is the case, try to avoid it wherever possible or at least eat it in moderation.

Steps To Help Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Ensure the urine is kept well-diluted. Normal urine should be the color of pale straw. The best drinks are water and diluted fruit juices.

As bacteria thrives in warmer, moist conditions, it is a good idea not to wear tight clothing, such as trousers or tight underwear. In addition, it is better to have cotton next to the skin around the vaginal area rather than man-made materials which could cause irritation. The key is to encourage the circulation of air wherever possible.

Get into the habit of urinating whenever you feel the need to. Try to avoid “holding it in” as this causes the urine to become too concentrated, thus encouraging the growth of the already-present bacteria.

After going to the toilet, always wipe your bottom front to back to avoid transferring bacteria from our bowels to the urinary tract.

How To Clear UTI Infections Already Present

If you are already suffering from a urinary tract infection, at best you will have mild discomfort and at worst, you will have burning agonizing pain. On the link below, you will find details of how to quickly clear UTI infections without antibiotics.

The cure is completely safe for everybody, regardless of age or sex. It is also safe to be taken by those who are taking existing medication for other conditions.

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