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Gout Foods to Avoid – Tips to Prevent Gout Attacks


Before you begin learning about gout foods that you need to avoid, I want you to first imagine the thought of never having any attacks ever again. The joy of getting your life back on track and enjoying the things that you love to on a daily basis. The thought of not having to worry about that excruciating pain that occurs from gout. I want you to know and understand that my goal here is to help you solve this problem once and for all.

As a sufferer of arthritis and gout for many years, I have experienced the pain that you yourself have been feeling. I remember spending days in bed because putting any pressure whatsoever on my foot would cause immense pain. My social life was taking a hit, my marriage was falling apart, and I had no clue what the heck to do!

So, I did what you’re doing now and I turned to the internet to find an answer to my prayers. Bear in mind that it has been about 6 months that I have been gout free. I haven’t had any attacks since I finally cured it once and for all and I’m going to tell you all about my best remedy.

There are plenty of natural gout treatments that you can use and like I said above, this one is by far the one that I notice huge improvements from. There are a number of foods that we consume that have purines in them which are a major factor for causing gout. I learned early on that simply removing these foods from my diet greatly lowered the causes of my gout attacks. These foods include:

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Soft-Drinks (it’s not a food but it helped!)

Source by Drew Castillo

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