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Gout – Causes, Symptoms and Foods to Avoid


Have you been a victim of constant gout attacks? And if not, have you ever sat down and asked yourself what really causes this painful type of inflammatory arthritis? Well, its comes into being when the high levels of uric acid crystallize and form large deposits around the tendons, surrounding tissues and joints.

Consequently, the aftermath symptoms that are felt include extraordinary heat, stiffness, and redness on the affected joint, excruciating pain, swelling and tenderness. Some of the most likely joints to be attacked by this dreadful disease comprise of the heels, elbows, wrists, knees, fingers and insteps. That’s not all; this illness is also known to cause kidney stones and high blood pressure if not treated early enough.

More often than not, when the body isn’t in a position to break down large amounts of uric acid in the body, it will tend to get rid of some through urine while most of them will find their way to various joints, hence causing very painful irritation that leads to the malfunctioning of the kidneys.

Some of the various factors that lead to the formation of gout in our bodies may be as a result of a reluctant lifestyle, excessive alcohol consumption, uncontrolled weight gains, medical conditions, family histories, age, sex and if under diuretics medication.

However, there are various ways that gout can be diagnosed through identification of the mono-sodium urate (MSU) crystal in the synovial fluid and through various blood tests such as full blood count, electrolytes, thyroid function tests and renal function among others.

And in order to ensure that this ailment is kept at bay, there are certain foods to avoid for gout. They consist of pork, beef and lamb that are very rich in purine, disproportionate alcohol consumption and extorts of gravies and meat. Moreover, take very little lentils, oatmeal, spinach, peas, mushrooms, cauliflower and asparagus foods as possible. As for sardines, scallops, codfish, anchovies trout, haddock, fish eggs and mussels seafood, they should be avoided at all costs. In short, the list is endless.

Remember that this home remedy is for your own good, and that these changes should be carried out whether at home, in a party or out for dinner at any restaurant. Just bear in mind how painful it is to suffer from this illness and you will get used to your new diet within a very short time. And again, treatment of this disease must come with a commitment; otherwise it may turn out to be lethal if taken for granted.

Actually, there’s no point of spending so money on various medications- colchicines, corticosteroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-prescribed by the doctor whereas you can treat is naturally and cost effectively.

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