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Foods For Super Fat Burning


Diet is important as a complement to any fitness regime. Providing the body with super fat burning foods as well as consistent fat burning exercises will ensure a lean and trim body. Super foods have the ability to build lean muscle and burn the fat off.

While many basic foods are good for melting fat such as chicken turkey, fruits, vegetables and fish, there are many others that have superior properties in helping remove fat and build lean muscle.

Beef livers.

Eating beef liver will provide carnitine which is a substance that boosts metabolism. Beef liver also contains protein and will increase muscles and energy. Two portions per week are recommended.

Light Tuna

Tuna contains only 10 calories of fat per serving, no carbohydrates, no fats, sodium or saturated fats.


Olives contain healthy fats. A cup a day will keep off unwanted fats while building lean muscle and burning body fat.


Eaten on a daily basis papaya produces muscle glycogen which helps in the digestion of proteins.


While water may not be considered a food it is an essential part or our daily diet. It is important to keep our body hydrated in order to speed up and maintain metabolism. Metabolism is stimulated during the process of warming the water in the stomach. It is also good for eliminating toxins. When toxins are eliminated the body’s pH levels decrease which encourages the release of excess fat.

Lean proteins

Lean protein encourages metabolism when consumed. The digestion increases chemical reactions which stimulate amino acids. The best lean proteins come in the form of chicken, egg whites, fish, lean red meats and game meats.

High fiber carbohydrates

This form of carbohydrate pairs with lean protein to provide a steady stream of insulin. They consist of beans, oatmeal, whole grain foods and brown rice.


Vegetables provide fiber which help regulate metabolism. Cabbage, brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, celery, tomatoes and peppers are only a few examples.


In the same vein as water fruits cleanse the body and decrease pH levels, flushing out fats with it. Raspberries, blueberries, apples, cranberries, strawberries, apples, kiwi fruit and pineapples. Fruits high in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B12, potassium are efficient for increasing metabolism.

Ginger, Garlic and Spices

Spicy food is able to switch your metabolism to high gear. Capsaicin found in some spices stimulates the release of stress hormones which speeds up metabolism. This increases calorie burning. Garlic and ginger raises the body’s temperature which stimulates fat burning.

Lemons and grapefruits.

These fruits are used to treat metabolic disorders. The acid aids in digestion and keeps insulin balanced.

Essential fatty acids

Omega-3 affects levels of the fat hormone leptin. Leptin is able to influence the amount of calories burned as well as what amount are stored as fat. Sources are salmon, tuna and sardines. Nuts such as almonds or walnuts and seeds provide healthy fats, increase metabolism and raise energy levels.


Sources of calcium are low fat dairy plus leafy green vegetables. It can also come from sesame seeds and almonds. By accelerating the breakdown of fats at cellular level calcium regulates the hormones that enhance weight loss.

Skim milk.

Two glasses of skim milk or low fat yogurt per day will burn fat. Mineral calcium burns fat while promoting lean muscle. The combination of calcium and protein found in milk, cheese and yogurt helps burn fat while storing proteins. Calcium is able to decrease fat stores in the fat cells. Protein is used by the body to activate metabolism. Together these foods are able to block fat storage.


Soy contains isoflavones which break down stored fat in the body’s fat cells. Regular intake burns fat even without any other alternation to diet. Soy is also able to break down unsaturated fat in the blood.

Green Tea

Green tea increases metabolism. Taken three times a day it is able to oxidize fat in the body.

A combination of healthy diet consisting of fiber, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables as well as essential fatty acids is the means to increasing metabolism. In turn this stepped up metabolism will produce a quick fat burn.

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