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Food That Burns Fat Like a Furnace – Fact Or Fiction?


Everyone likes the concept of food that burns fat. Who wouldn’t like to eat more and weigh less? While the idea of food burning fat sounds great, is it fact or fiction? As unrealistic as it seems, there are foods that help you burn fat. You really can eliminate fatty foods that pack on extra pounds. Tasty fat-burning alternatives help you get rid of that unwanted weight without feeling hungry. Let’s consider some of the tasty foods that also help you burn fat.

Just Say “Yes” To Eggs and Low Fat Dairy Foods

While eggs and dairy are often foods people limit when dieting, they actually help you get rid of body fat. Eggs are a great source of protein and have vitamin B12 to help break down fat cells. If you want to eliminate cholesterol, eat egg whites without the yolks. University studies prove low-fat dairy products help burn body fat while giving you stronger teeth and bones.

Where Have You Bean All My Life?

Beans are an excellent source of fiber, iron and protein including Lima beans, kidney beans, white beans and navy beans. Cook beans completely and avoid refried or baked beans with extra calories you don’t need. While beans sometimes cause minor gastrointestinal disturbance, they also help you burn body fat.

Sowing Your Oats

Oatmeal is nutritious, delicious and contains soluble fiber to help lower blood cholesterol. Eating oatmeal actually helps flush out the yucky digestive acids that naturally occur in your system. Instead of using milk, sugar or butter on your oatmeal, sweeten it with fruit or cinnamon.

Get Your Grain On

Whole grains give your body the carbohydrates it craves without the fat. Avoid the processed white breads, rices and pastas. Choose healthy whole grain alternatives to feel fuller thanks to fiber rather than fat.

Olive Oil and Popeye

Think olive oil and Popeye when it comes to fat burning food choices. Olive oil is a good fat that helps burn fat and lower cholesterol because it contains monosaturated fat. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and asparagus contain a wealth of vitamins. These bulky vegetables also help you feel full without adding fat-filled calories.

Get Something Fishy In Your Diet

Tuna and salmon have essential omega-3 fatty acids and protein to boost your immune system while giving your body the good fats it needs. Fish is good three times weekly. Other choices include lean meats with no fat such as turkey and beef. Trim the fat off, bake or broil and serve smaller portions to get the protein your body needs to lower body fat.

Eve’s Apple

Since the days of Eve’s apple in the Garden of Eden, fruit is a tempting diet staple. Certain fruits contain enzymes that help to burn calories rather than add them. Fruits of choice include apples, oranges, pineapples, cranberries and strawberries. Certain vegetables have the same ability of burning calories. Eat plenty of green leafy veggies, carrots, beets, onions, celery and lettuce to stay trim.

With a variety of irresistible food that burns fat, wise eating is an easy reality.

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