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Chia Seeds For Constipation


Chia seeds can “Help with constipation”. There can be a medical reason for this problem but most often constipation is due to unhealthy eating. If you do suffer from this first you should increase your consumption of fibre. Although there are a number of laxatives on the market they work by encouraging bowel movements, but they never address the real problem which is lack of fibre in your diet. Also you can become dependent on laxatives because the more you use the less the body has to do for itself and the bowel starts to lose tone and muscle action causing it not to function properly or at all!! The other problem with laxatives is they start to empty your bowel before the good nutrients have been absorbed by the gut.

Herbal laxatives have a more natural and gentle approach. Herbal laxatives with “butternut, psyllium and blue flag” are among the best. Their affects are to create healthy bowel movements and to help tone the bowel to encourage its natural function. These laxatives can be taken in small doses until you get chia seeds added to your diet and you will not have many more problems with lack of bowel movements I can assure you…

Chia seeds help cure constipation

By their fibre content. Whilst fibre is important for the prevention of colon problems such as diverticulitis, it also has a large role to play with weight loss. The presence of chia seeds in your eating plan and the fibre they have in them helps to increase the speed in which food passes through your digestive system. The longer food stays in your body the more calories are being absorbed. Chia fibre helps with appetite suppression as it gives you a fuller feeling without the added calories.

Chia seed fibre content.

This super food has both the important types of fibre present in them. Soluble and insoluble. The soluble fibre makes us feel more fuller and also binds with cholesterol and other fat we consume. This can help to keep unwanted fat levels and cholesterol under control as the fibre passes through the body quickly and unabsorbed. Salba seeds have these fibres in abundance and should be added to your diet if you are not getting enough roughage. The salba seeds can be taken dry and then washed down with water so they swell up in the digestive system and make you feel fuller for longer, so aids with weight loss as well as constipation.

It is so important that our bowels work efficiently and correctly so they can get rid of everything the body does not need. If they are not working correctly the body reabsorbs and stores toxins and poisons in fatty parts of your body. EG ” the breasts in females, which has been associated with breast cancer” and also cause ill health in other ways.

Try to increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, this will help quickly. With the intake of chia seeds added to your diet by either sprinkling a tablespoon full of chia onto your breakfast cereal, yoghurt or as I do in fresh orange and stir occasionally for 15 minutes, then drink down. The affect of the chia seeds and the vitamin C in the orange juice helping to soften stools and the two types of fibre in the chia seeds helping to increase the speed of passage through the stomach should cure any constipation problems.

Chia seeds for constipation is a good starting point in my opinion. Enjoy these super food.

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