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The word microbiota represents an ensemble of microorganisms that resides in a previously established environment. Human beings have clusters of bacteria in different parts of the body, such as in the surface or deep layers of skin (skin microbiota), the mouth (oral microbiota), the vagina (vaginal microbiota), and so on. What is Gut Microbiota Gut microbiota (formerly called gut flora) ...

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Taking The Battle Against Lyme Disease Ticks To The Backyard

Reducing the number of deer ticks in a yard can reduce the risk of Lyme disease. But no strategies are a sure thing. Scientists have tried all sorts of strategies for stopping the blacklegged tick, the carrier of Lyme disease, from biting us. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that affects an estimated 3000000 in the United States each year, primarily ...

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Chinese Food Containment Materials

Below is an article addressing a topic about which many people have curiosity. What are the standards of food containment materials and how may they differ from US or EU standards?   Although there are a number of good provisions of safety and sanitary practices in-place, there are also shortcomings.   Remaining in doubt are screenings for toxins from what ...

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Precocious Puberty – our diet?

Padded bras for kindergarten girls with growing breasts to make them more comfortable? Sixteen percent of U.S. girls experiencing breast development by the age of 7? Thirty percent by the age of 8? Clearly something is affecting the hormones of U.S. girls–a phenomenon also seen in other developed countries. Girls in poorer countries seem to be spared–until they move to developed ...

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Recognizing the Principal Uses of Copper Sulphate

Copper sulphate is one of the most important industrial chemicals in use. Its extensive use in agriculture, health and medicine and various areas in industries call for continual production of this substance. This compound is prepared by the chemical reaction of sulphuric acid to a variety of cupric or copper (II) compounds like copper (II) oxide. Another way to prepare ...

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Effects of Pollution

There is no shortage of effects out there from pollution that we all need to be aware of. The effects cause harm to humans, pets, plants, trees, and aquatic life. All living things are adversely effected by pollution and so we all need to do what we can to identify it and to reduce it. Human health is a big ...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Freshwater Algae

If you thought that algae could be easily identified, you were mistaken indeed. Algae have a diverse group that cannot be easily identified or seen through naked eye. Although they seem to appear identical, algae have various shapes, sizes, and roles in the marine ecology. Thousands or even millions of identified and unidentified species can be found in both fresh ...

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Ecosystems Determine How to Set Up a Salt Water Aquarium

How to set up a salt water aquarium very much depends on the type of ecosystem that you are planning to house. Different aquarium environments need different equipment and species. This article will give you a bit of guidance in showing you some options for your home.  A very affordable saltwater aquarium is a fish only aquarium. One of the ...

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Harmful Effects of Deforestation

Human beings always have been and probably always will be to some extent dependent on forests. Trees were their habitat, their environment, their source of food and their protection from enemies. Forests are very important to man, and other organisms, and one of the biggest problems the world is facing today is the threat of totally losing the forests due ...

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