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Brain Tumors and Nutrition – Which Foods to Eat to Slow Tumor Growth


Nutrition is crucial for our wellbeing. Our way of eating, however seems not to acknowledge this fact. How, otherwise, would we eat tons of fried stuff, of deep fried stuff especially, like French fries, deep fried meat and other oily food? The average American eats too much fat, and too much heated fat. If he ate more oily fish like salmon or sardines, he would eat better foods.

It is thought that at least 35 % of all tumors have a connection with nutrition. When we add certain lifestyle factors like smoking or drinking alcohol, the danger of developing some kind of cancer or tumor increases a lot.

Healthy foods that can protect us come from the reign of the plants. Plants give us certain protective ingredients that give great benefit. to the human being. They protect our cells from oxidation, they help protect cells from cancer and they give us, another protective factor called bioflavonoids. Foods that are rich in botanical factors include berries, dark green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, legumes like beans of all kinds, (including soy) And, of course, whole grains.

Why should we eat broccoli? Broccoli belongs to a group of vegetables that are called cruciferous because its flowers have the shape of a cross. Another vegetable t of the same group hat is very healthy is Brussels sprouts. These vegetables are protective against the formation of cancer, at least this was shown in laboratory. Other vegetables that belong to the same group and that we should eat regularly are cabbage, cauliflower, watercress and some less known kinds. A part from the protective factors they bring with them, they also give us some of the necessary indigestible fibers

As far as brain tumors are concerned, they may be influenced by a healthy diet. Obviously, a healthy diet is only part of the treatment. If you have to undergo chemotherapy or other chemical treatments, agree to them as long as you find an improvement in your health. Some nutritionists suggest the daily intake of at least one to three raw apples. They also suggest to eat whole grain bread and nothing else. As drink, green tea seems to be the choice.This tumor-starving diet seems to have proven to be successful.

If you are not convinced of the tumor starving diet, eat the above indicated vegetables and add also almonds, walnuts and pine nuts to your diet. They will help you overcome your fatigue that comes along with brain tumor.

As already mentioned, another very important nutritional factor are dietary fibers that help prevent cancer. These fibers are the indigestible part of foods. These foods origin from plants. They help to maintain a healthy colon. They also dilute potentially hazardous substances that might induce cancer. The intake of fibers is crucial for our overall wellbeing and health and therefore also useful in case of brain tumor.

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