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5 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism Instantly!


The best foods that speed up metabolism and help you lose weight are all natural foods. This article provides an in-depth look into 5 of them. Forget fat burning pills, forget drugs. This list of the 5 foods that speed metabolism will get more done for you than artificial products and drugs ever could! So here they are:

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: You can find this oil in your local supermarket. Olive oil contains omega 3’s which help with blood circulation and increased metabolism. Use Olive oil whenever you fry something.

2. Green tea: This may not be a food per se, but it’s still VERY good for you. Green tea is by far one of the most powerful products that speed metabolism and is used in many far burning products. Drink it at least twice a day (Morning and before bed).

3. Cayenne Pepper: This pepper is a very powerful product and can be found in most local health food stores or on the internet. Cayenne pepper heats the body up and as a response, when the body must cool down, it burns calories. It’s a natural process that speeds metabolism and helps people lose weight.

4. Water: This is not a food either, but it’s still imperative to mention none the less! Water has always been and always will be the greatest method of boosting metabolism, losing weight, restoring health and vitality and more. Drink at least 8 glasses of pure filtered water a day.

It also helps to emit (display) positive emotions like love and gratitude in front of water. Am I insane? Not exactly. Studies show water has the amazing ability to absorb emotions which directly affects it. If positive emotions are displayed, the water becomes healthier and it will directly affect your metabolism and health. Negative emotions such as cursing, anger and stress cause water to become acidic, thus making it harmful to you. It’s true.

5. Apples: Ever heard the saying “An apple a day will keep the Doctor away?”. Well there’s a reason for it! Apples are not only healthy for you and boost metabolism, but they also keep you full with little effort. This means you can eat an apple instead of a small meal and not worry about being hungry!

Source by Vitaliy Gershfeld

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